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Buttercup and Jingles

Hi there! Just wanted to give you an update on one of my babies, Buttercup (formerly known as Jingles). Since she had joined the household in July 2013 she has made herself right at home. She is a super snuggler and so very sweet. Buttercup loves to play with rope toys and chew bones and once in a while she will share with her big brother, Beamer. Here are a couple of pictures of her now. Thanks for leading me to my little angel girl! Leslie Ambs.


Hershey is doing well. He hasn't lost any weight, I think he has gained weight because he is muscling up. We go for 2 mile walks every morning and shorter walks during the day and evening due to the temps. If temps allow he goes for another 1-2 miles at night. We went for a 3 mile walk this morning. He loves watching birds. They fascinate him. He always thinks he can catch them. He's a very happy boy. He has the sweetest personality and all my friends love him. When I told my husband he was tethered outside he said Hershey has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse. My groomer said he's living in the Taj Mahal! She also said he's a big flirt. Life is very good with my big boy!!! Thanks for letting me adopt him. Renee


I thought I'd send this to you. Bailey has a very nice bed; however, he prefers sleeping on a tempurpedic! He is doing great and we couldn't be happier! Lisa

Josua and Zeke

Hello Carol, In June of 2004 my husband and I adopted 2 cocker boys from Florida Cocker Rescue. Joshua, a 12 month old black & white party spaniel and Zeke, a beautiful solid black 6 month old puppy, you knew him as Phoenix. They have been treasured members of our family and have given us many years of unconditional love and puppy kisses. I wanted to let you know that our dear Zeke passed away on Monday, and to thank you for bringing these wonderful boys into our lives. Joshua continues to do well, is almost 11 1/2, but does experience the ailments common to senior puppy dogs. Again, I wanted to say thank you so much for your hard work and sacrifice to help cockers enjoy the lives that they deserve, and the joy they bring to their forever families. Kindest Regards, Mark & Lori Holifer Dad and Mom to Josh & Zeke

Walley and Bosley

Hi Karena. Wanted to share this pic of Walley and Bosley. I think it is so cute! Love my old men


Hi Carol, Just a note to tell you how wonderful Lola is. She has settled in quite fast and is becoming a loveable little angel although sometimes she really tests me! She's a great eater and has gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks. She worships Lexie, my other cocker and follows her everywhere. We're still having some potty issues but I'm confident that she'll figure it all out before too long. Thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt her. I just love her to death. Suzan Weis

Ranger and Shadow

Ranger and Shadow after grooming! We have loved every day since the joined us the summer of 2008. Thank you Carol!



Dallas is doing much much better on the Hill's dry food mixed with Hill's wet food. He eats all his breakfast and dinner. (Plus his other treats in between) I can tell he feels so relaxed in his new home now. Went out yesterday for 3 hours and when I got home he was sound asleep under the table. I keep a radio playing on the table for him when I have to leave the house. He is such a good boy and good watchdog. Taking him to Pet Supermarket on Wed. for a harness just for training him to walk on a leash. The technician suggested it after I told her how strong he was. She took him to next room to get his stitches out and that is when she knew what I meant. (He was running her) My son has been buying the mini milkbones for his cocker and they are great for training and also to keep their weight down. I have bought some too and Dallas loves them. Had to break the small ones in half before. His cocker is 4 1/2 yrs and is meeting with Dallas today. A female. Good luck on your adoptions today. The Setzers called me late last night to tell me they are adopting Max Bleu today. Bunny as I have always known her was so excited. We both worked at the same school years ago. A very nice couple. Have a great week! Ellen


Hi Carol, just wanted to let you know Dreyfus is still great in his forever home. he has been the best guy we ever had. He is so spoiled sleeps anywhere he wants but the bed is his favorite. he is 10 now and it has been 6yrs since we got him from you. Thanks we LOVE him Tom

Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker (aka Snicker doodle) here. I love my forever home at Jewell is wonderful! She was a little standoffish at first but she warmed up to my personality. But He took care of Jewell does too. He took care of her breathing problem and her itchy ears. Dr Meyer works for Pet Smart. He and his entire staff are great. They always pet us and talk to us and scratches our butts.


This is Millie (AKA Goldie during her time at FCSR). I've had her for 4 and a half years. She was 7 or 8 when I adopted her in January 2010, so she's a senior citizen, and the light of my life. What a great dog! Sharon Lynn


Hi Carol, Just a note to tell you how good Lola is doing. She worships my other dog, Lexie, and follows her everywhere. I'm glad they have each other. She had a pretty bad cough which my vet thought might be an infection but now says it was probably from the breathing tube she had during surgery. She's much better. Still just a waif but eats everything in sight! I think she's very happy. She's a little shy when meeting new people and seems to be quite fearful of loud noise but we're working on it. She's a beautiful little girl and I'm so grateful to have her. Thank you!


Dude (aka Jack) is doing great! Those 2 just love each other. Our family is very happy with him : )


Hi Carol Can you believe it has been 1 1/2 yrs. since I adopted Sandra Dee. She turned 2 today. I have attached a picture of her alone and one with Rusty. Gracie is alpha dog. She turned out to be a love. She is still a little frisky, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Regards, Rosemarie


Just wanted to share this great pic of Bentley.....he LOVES his IKEA soccer ball.....All going well. Love my boy! Victoria J. Alvarez


Rylie is doing well and we are amazed on how smart and well behaved she is. The trainers praise her on well she picks up on things and is well ahead of her class. Again thank you for giving us this wonderful member of our family. 1st picture is her in the family room with the family, 2nd is one of her resting places after her morning walk, 3rd is her going grocery shopping for her food and treats. The last is this morning after her morning walk. She and I both went back to bed.

Chocolate Cody

Hi Carol, I adopted Chocolate Cody around 1 year and half ago, and this is one of the best decisions that I have made. Cody is doing fine, we all are. He has become part of the family and we love him a lot. Lola received him very surprised but at the end she was happy with her new brother! He loves our daily walks, loves his toys, tennis balls and Lola loves to play with him and tease him (although Cody still doesn't fully get what Lola is doing) - they have a great time and keep each other company . Cody always receives lots of compliments for the color of his coat whenever we go. I am very happy to have adopted Cody, he changed all our lives and I hope that we are changing his. Thanks Carol for your dedication with these beautiful babies, and I want to thanks Cathy who fostered my Cody for a while [*:) happy] . Thanks again for putting Cody in my life, Dey [*:D big grin]


Hi Carol, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to send you an update on Arlo, who is having many summer adventures. He has been to the beach a couple times now and loves it! He met some mollusks, hermit crabs, and starfish. Once he realized there were animals living in the shells, he had to sniff everyone to see if anyone wanted to come out and play. We also celebrated Arlo's birthday on June 15th. Jason made him a special lamb and turkey "cupcake" for his birthday brunch, and he received many presents. His favorites are a couple stuffed squirrels. Arlo also went to the doggy salon to get his summer haircut so that he will be nice and cool in the increasingly hot weather we are having in Tallahassee. Thanks for all you do! Best wishes & happy summer, Laci & Jason

Bede & Mama

HI! I just wanted to give you an update on our little brownies,Bede & Mama. Mama is as neurotic as ever! She is constantly looking for something to do, play with or get into. She is the ever watchful supervisor of all activities that occur in the house. She doesn't miss a thing, even if you think she is sound asleep. We have been doing a lot of yard work the past few weekends, so she has been spending hours patrolling every inch of the yard to ensure that she hasn't missed anything. She is always looking for her next adventure! She makes us laugh everyday. After the scare we had with Bede back in mid-March, I am happy to say that she is doing GREAT. At her last check-up, the Dr. decided to start weaning her off of the Prednisone, so after 4 weeks, she was able to discontinue it. He then decided to try and reduce her Metronidazole, which he started her on due to the hepatic encephalopathy issues, thankfully she is doing great. She will go back for follow-up blood work at the end of July or beginning of August. I am continuing to make her food, which she ABSOLUTELY LOVES, because all of the prescription liver diets were still too high in protein and she wouldn't eat them. She has been holding steady between 21 & 22 pounds. We are very thankful for every day we have with her. We are so glad that we were able to bring both of these girls into our home and hope that we can give them many more happy years. Thank You Andrew C. & Michelle

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