In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.


Tomorrow is our 1 yr adoption of our HERSHEY (KJ) and we Love him so much❤ ? Who rescued who?


Hi Karena & Carol!!! Hilary here who adopted "Lady Red". I actually decided on the name Ruby, not Mila. She just looks like a Ruby to me. I love her so much already. She's truly been a joy and such a good girl!!! Just wanted to send you a few more pics of her and her new friends, Sammy, Max & Lily. She is my precious gem!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Jethro has been part of our family for 5 months and we just love him. He has a sweet personality combined with curiosity and playfulness. He is very healthy and seems to be fully recovered from heartworm. He loves to go for walks, play with his toys, and watch TV. As you can see on the attached picture, he gets fully engrossed in TV shows and especially likes animal shows and Wheel of Fortune, but will watch almost anything that is on. He gets along with our other dog and is very sociable with other dogs and people he meets. His favorite thing (besides food) is belly rubs and he gets lots of those. We are so happy we found him and brought him home! Bonnie and Tom Werley


Just a quick note to let you all know that FCSR alumni Desi (Rory) and Cocoa Crisp are doing great. Lucy and Desi play most of the day and wear each other out. They've bonded so well. Cocoa is the typical old gal that prefers to observe and steal all the belly rubs the other two miss out on during their play sessions! Everyone is healthy and happy!!

Mimi Mouse and Charlie

Pictures of Mimi Mouse and Charlie in Zion National Park, Utah. We let them swim in the river and then they needed a bath. We've been on the road in the motor home a month now. Camped in Texas on the beach (they loved it), then near Phoenix, then at the Grand Canyon, and now in Zion National Park. Scenery is awesome. More stops in Utah before Yellowstone in mid May. Then on to Michigan for a couple of months. Just wanted to let you know Mimi Mouse is GREAT!!!! We love her as does everyone in our family. They all keep saying they're going to steal her from us. Thank you for what you do for these kids, Mary



MacGyver Meyer happy with his Furever family.

Ranger and Shadow

Ranger and Shadow joined our family in 2008. Every day has been a joy with them! They have travelled to our cabin on the Canadian border many times, travelled by boat and car wherever we go and have stayed in many hotels. They love to travel, play ball and visit the Enterprise dog park in Clearwater. We love our boys! Thank you Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue!

Buddy and Bella

Dear Carol, We were puppies when we left your loving care, you entrusted us to our wonderful forever home with Dave, JoAnna & Lauren Thompson. My dad mentioned that he saw you at a Petsmart adoption show the other day, know we are all grown up now and are so happy. Thank you for all you do, our dad say's you are an angel, and we were blessed to have been in your care. Love, Buddy & Bella Thompson


It's been almost 2 years since we adopted Todd (now called Copper) and we adore him!! Just wanted to message a thank you for taking him in so that we were able to adopt him and add him to our family! Elizabeth Kent


Hello there, It was two years ago today that I adopted Hershey and he is just the most wonderful-est dog ever. Thank you so much; he is just a joy. He went for his yearly checkup today and now weighs 29.4 pounds and is still transfixed by tennis balls. Here is his waiting for the ball to be thrown pose.... Laura


Shadow Ene stalking a turtle.he has been with us almost 8 years now! What a handsome olé man he is! Thanks Carol, he saved our lives.we have since adopted a hot dog and a little chiwawa..Also foster a retire In April and May do some fostering then.would like to help our military keep their dogs and foster some of those as long as they get along with my crew Take care Thanks for my baby Patti and Paul ene


Hershey and his Mom, Renee! Updated about a week ago Meet Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue Alumni Hershey and his Mom. Hershey is such a handsome boy. He was rescued and luckily for him he found the perfect family... He was very scared of people but I can tell his Mom has helped bring him out of his shell. He has found his happy ending, and so has his family! Thank you Renee for meeting up and letting me take some photos of your and your beautiful boy... Here is just a sneak peek for her


To: Carol Cansler Subject: Updated Caty pictures Her favorite spot is on the bed. Caty is growing hair and enjoys her bath and grooming. Her pal is our 15 year old cat Peanut. Caty enjoys eating out. We love her. Joan


Here are some recent pics of Finn. He is doing great. We all love him. Thank you and Happy New Year!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Peanut has been a wonderful blessing this year and he is doing great! Lori Kasbeer


A message from FCSR alumni Dallas (formerly Cody Bee): I am really having fun at my new furever home. I have been going to obedience classes and my trainer says I am very smart. Says I am ready to advance to next class. I really love school. Mom helps me every day for 5 minutes with my homework. I do not try to escape from yard anymore or climb trees. I think I did that because everything was new to me and it was my first time exploring everything. If I don't see mom outside I run inside house right away to find her. This is my new star toy for doing so good at school. It squeaks all over. Some lady interrupted my training lessons last week and told mom I was beautiful. (I think she meant handsome). My legs look short in this picture but you can see how I really look in above picture. I get many compliments on how beautiful and friendly I am. A 5 and 7 year old brother and sister (mom's grandchildren) visited me for 2 days and we had fun together. I love the attention! My stocking is hung up for Christmas and I think it has something in it already. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


Carol: We are thrilled with our new boy. He and Bella are getting along fine after a few initial growls. He has been put on doxycycline in addition to his heartgard and the cyclosporine eye drops were increased to twice daily. No heart murmur or congestion. He is active and the most lovable dog we've had. The vet was expecting a snappy, grouchy dog when they saw 'senior cocker' on the list. They were pleasantly surprised. Our neighbors love seeing him out and about. He just about cutes people to death. And our unexpected bonus is that our bulldog has mellowed around other dogs as well . Thank you so much Eileen Burnham


Hi Carol, Hershey has found his home. Sitting by the pool with his brother Riley. Let me know when you need help with adoptions. Doreen


It has not been two months since we adopted Hershey. He loves playing in the backyard, riding in the car and especially going to the doggie park where he has met many friends. We are very fortunate to have found him because he lights up our lives. Hopefully in the future we can adopt a friend for him. Thank you all at Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue for all that you do and God Bless.

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