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Bailey & Bear

Hi Carol Merry Christmas! I am sending a couple of photos of Bear, he is 7 years old now and such a baby. Today we went to visit Santa, both my boys are hoping to get on the nice list! I'm pretty sure they will make it. The 2nd photo is from our family vacation this year. Bear has decided to train the new kid to play ball at an early age, he sat waiting for her to throw it! Wishing you all a successful 2010 Margaret Carr


Hi Carol… Kirby’s first Christmas! Joyce Schwing for.. Katherine Jones Agency


We adopted Lucy one year ago and it's been a terrific year. While we don't have a fenced in yard so we make sure she goes to the big dog park daily. She runs, runs and runs some more. She tolerates other dogs at the park but doesn't play with them, we think it's because they get in the way of her running. Lucy is the first dog we've had that would rather go outside than eat. The golf cart is one of her favorites and then we bought a boat and Lucy is in seventh heaven (she has a life preserver). I'm home with Lucy all day so she has company. While she always loves her bed her favorite spot is her daddy's chair. At night Lucy sleeps right between us and is a real cuddler. She's a great traveler and enjoys the car and is great at hotels and likes everyone including strangers. We love our Lucy and she's do I know she's happy? Right now she's on the sofa next to me all cuddled up. Thank you for letting us adopt Lucy. Carol & Dave Niven


Hi Carol, Here's this year's Christmas photo of Jewel on the right (an adoptee from FCSR) and Penny on then left (we've had her since she was 4 months old) she's now 10+.waiting for Santa. Do you like our Florida Christmas Tree? Thanks again for helping Penny when she was "under the weather". Adopting Jewel was the best thing we ever did for all of us. She's a great dog and Penny's "Best Bud". They get along great! The grand kids love her too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! to you and your volunteers. Steve, Kathy, Penny and Jewel Tremblay


Happy Thanksgiving, giving is a time to be thankful and we are.... You will never know how much your organization means to us. A few years ago we adopted Whisper from you. (Black female Cocker spaniel) She couldn't be a more perfect fit for our family. So from the bottom of my heart Thank you again for helping us complete our family with Whisper. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Missy


Hello Carol. Sending you a picture of Quincy whom is now named Myles for all the miles he (and we) traveled to find his forever home. He is enjoying his new home up here in Georgia and even went for a swim in the pool today. Thanks so much for introducing us to Myles-we couldn't be happier. (and neither could he!!) He seems to be adjusting very well and even Madison is enjoying having a new brother in the house! Kris and Christine Statesboro, GA


Thanks again Jane and Carol, once again I have adopted a wonder dog from your rescue agency. You guys do a wonderful job finding good homes for these sweet dogs. Keep up the good work. Here are a couple of pictures of Rascal aka Benny. I'll see you soon.Your friend Angie. P.S. Teddy is doing great, he is my sweetie. Thanks again!


Wanted to send some photos of our beautiful boy. He is a joy and he and Molly and doing well. He has certainly attached himself to me . . and I love it! At times it is hard for Steven as he loves "his boy." Molly has started following him which is what we had hoped for. Bosco is very tolerant of her and they seem to have found a place they are both comfortable with. As you can see he is a beautiful, beautiful boy (as you already knew) and the last picture is of him with his head on my lap. He is right now laying at my feet as I type this email. He is such a precious boy. Have you ever seen such soulful eyes! Thanks again Carol for all that you do. If it wasn't for you he most likely would not be here with us right now. Cathy & Steven Stauffer, Tallahassee


Aunt Carol – it’s me Sandi checking in to say hi from Gainesville. Next month it will be two and a half years since you found me my new home. This place has the best squirrels and lizards to chase. This is a picture of me cruising along the fence line looking for lizards. I haven’t caught a squirrel yet but I sure have caught a lot of lizards. In March I had patella surgery on my left knee. The surgery wasn’t so bad but two months of limited activity with no squirrel and lizard chasing was the pits. The doctor over at the vet school did a great job on my knee and now I’m as good as new. Hope all is going well with you.


Aunt Carol - it's me Mugs checking in to say hi. I've been in my new home for two years next month and I'm still having a good time here. Mom says I'm just as cute as a button but I knew that anyway. One of my favorite activities is hanging out in the kitchen hoping for a morsel to drop on the floor. This is a picture of me in the kitchen looking up at the counter waiting on that morsel to fall. Just wanted to check in and let you know I am doing fine. Love, Mugs.


Hi Aunt Carol - Ginger checking in. It's been 14 months since I came to my new home and I want you to know I'm having a wonderful time here with my cocker brother and sisters, Charlie, Sandi and Mugs. My mom says I look like such a little angel when I'm sleeping so she is sending a picture of me sleeping on the couch. Mom also says I am one of the most affectionate cockers she has ever met and I give wonderful cocker kisses. Yesterday I went to the vet school for my quarterly eye checkup and the doctors were pleased to see I was doing so well. They think I might have more sight in my good eye than they originally thought after my cataract surgery. I sure do wish more people would give cockers with limited sight a chance. I don't let my sight limitations hold me back one bit and run all around the yard and love my daily walks around the neighborhood and I steal all my sibling's toys and hide them under the dining room table. But they know where I hide the toy stash and don't seem to mind. Thank you again for finding me a home and you can come visit us anytime you would like.

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Hi Carol, Just wanted to thank you and your organization for all the fine work that you do. I adopted Nelson in the spring of 2003 and have since relocated back to Long Island in NY.. Couldn't resist sending an update and tell you how much Nelson's adoption changed my life..he's my best bud.. This is Nelson on the patio just last month..we're both lovin' life! Sincerely, Karen Rohl Kelly


Hello! Bill and I thought you would enjoy a couple of pictures of one of your foster children in his new life! We renamed "Mr Barky von Schnauzer" to "Sparky" and as you can see little Sparky has gained some weight! He is pictured with our other dog, Chester. Everyone says they look like salt and pepper together. The two dogs have really bonded and I think Chester would be lost without him. We are still working on improving Sparky's relationship with our two cats but we are definitely glad he is a part of our family. Thanks for what you do as foster parents! Jennifer and Bill Croteau Dade City, FL


Here is a picture of Holly (previously known as Hope) as promised for you and Rob. I will keep you posted. Lori --- Lori Heffner


Carol: Just wanted to send you a picture of Molly who I adopted a year ago from an emergency listing you had for her. She looks A LOT like Brewster, if I had to guess they are related. She is very easy going and a big girl...getting smaller but will always be a burly curly girl. Enjoy!Cathy


Teddy is one of the sweetest dogs, I want to thank Jane and Florida Cocker for letting me adopt him. He is a great addition to our family, whatever we eat he wants some also and he loves to go for walks. Here are a few of our many pictures of Teddy.


I wanted to send you a few new pictures of Harley. He's doing so well, we love him like crazy. He runs around here like a puppy, it's so cute!!! I hope all is well with you and yours Chris


Dear Carol and Rescue Group, Attached is Daisy's (aka Dolly) picture in her new home. She's got more energy that we remembered pups having but a good girl. Our vet thinks she's about 1.5 years and very sound. Also, very long. This is the first doxie we've had that has great potential for back issues but we know what to do and what to avoid. We have sung your praises for caring for dogs that can be 'recycled'. Thank you for your efforts. You've saved a sweet dog and we're delighted she's part of our home. Even her older sister Sophee is getting adjusted. There has even been some dog play and that's a good sign. Again, thanks for caring for these animals. What you do makes an incredible difference in the life of animals and owners. Check out the little smile on Daisy's face in the sleeping photo. I think she's glad to be here. Patt Patt Reed, APR813-908-8511 (home)813-389-0430 (cell)

Mylo and Beni

A week ago, we went to Petsmart @Wesley Chapel with the hopes of adopting a new pet. Little did we know that we would end up with two !! We could not decide, and so Mylo & Benito (now Beni) came home with us. They get along great, & have taken to sleeping in our room in their bed. (I know they'd love to sleep with us, but our bed is just too high for the little guys). They come running when you call "boys" and are adjusting well to their surroundings. (as you can see by the picture of them on our loveseat - fast asleep !!) We are so so happy we found your organization & tell everyone we meet where these two wonderful little boys came from. Again, thanks for our two new additions, Tony & Fran Viscomi

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