In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.


Dear CSRNE, I'm settling in nicely in my new digs! Most of my days are spent exploring the paths around my new home, a little hiking and I even manage to squeeze in time for fetch with my football! (I'm expecting the Patriots to be looking to me for some pointers!) Sometimes I get to join my dad at work at the fire station. I'm the handsome new mascot for the Millbury Fire Station. I even have my own handmade turnout coat to keep me looking good while on the job. Thank you so much for bringing me to Jon and Kate's lives, we are a perfect match! They sure know how to scratch a belly! Love, Rocky


Dear Carol and John,I wanted to thank you both so very much for helping me find a new home for Javi. Without your help in posting him as a featured pet we would not have found Pete, Judy and little Ashley from Mount Dora. We met them today and Javi's little stub never stopped wagging. He is off to a wonderful new life with a family that I know will love him to pieces until he is a little old man dog!Keep living the good and right life and if I can help you out with ;anything please don't hesitate to call. I have attached a photo of Javi with his new little mom Ashley.Thanks again

Sue Ellen

Carol, Sue Ellen is doing well in her new home with Elsa and Bob. They called at 9:30 PM to let us know that she was settling in and adapting to her new home. So much she has already found the doggy stairs to the bed, climbed up, and was sleeping on a pillow. I am attaching the picture we took before leaving this afternoon of Sue Ellen, Elsa, Bob and her new brother, a Chinese Crested/Poodle Mix. You can see a little bit of their Italian Greyhound in the bottom right corner. Bob just came from a chiropractic adjustment, thus the neck collar. We'll get the paperwork and check to you, most likely via Jane as we are not going to be in town Saturday. Jeffrey May


Hi Carol, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy we are with Luna (formally known as Milly). She is such a loving and sweet dog. It took a few days for her to trust us and to become familiar with her surroundings, but now she is as if she has been here for a long time. She and Cosmo are close buddies, just as you said they would be. She curls up on our laps after dinner on the couch, but she loves doing to the dog park and taking long walks. I have attached some recent photos on Luna and one with Cary and Cosmo on the chair. She is NEVER short of kisses and is always ready for attention. She has given us such joy, Carol, and we wanted you to know that we thank you for saving her for us. Thanks again for all, and God bless you for the work that you do. Sincerely, Mary and Cary Kaufman


Dearest Carol: Wanted you to see the sweetest, most beautiful boy EVER!!! A couple of the pics were a little fuzzy so I used the “cartoon” affect. He is doing beautifully, as you can see. We look at him and our hearts burst with love and joy that he is here with us. Thank you so much! We can never thank you enough for saving Bosco, nor can we thank you enough for what you do everyday for so many more like him. Cathy, Steven & Bosco Stauffer


Carol Zoey loves her home in NJ Hope all is well




Hi Carol, I just wanted to send a note to let you know that Lulu is doing great with us. Here are two pictures of her. She recently went for training at Petsmart (grad cap) and learned how to walk with us and not bark at other dogs or chase the squirrels. The other picture of her is when Phil left the pantry door open. She ripped open a bag of flour that I had forgot that I put on the bottom shelf (hence the white beard!). We always tell people about the rescue when they talk about getting a cocker and what good luck we have had with adopting two dogs from the rescue. Have a great summer, Phil and Anna Nahajewski


Thought you would like to see some new photos of Rascal (formerly Benny). He is a wonderful dog. He is well behaved and gets along with my other two dogs. Keep up the good work. You guys have helped so many dogs and there are soon many more that need help. Thanks again Angie King

Myles, formerly Quincy

Carol- Just checking in and showing you some new photos of Myles (formerly Quincy). He truly is the World's Best Dog (but you already knew that!) and he loves his new home up here in Georgia. We have attached some photos of him basking in the pool-you were right he is obsessed with water!! His new favorite ritual with us is to go to Bruster's Ice cream shop every other Sunday for a dog sundae! We hope you are well-just wanted to send you some pictures of our happy cocker which is all thanks to you!! Take care! Kris and Christine


Hi. My name is Jasper and I am 2 years old. I was taken to the pound by my previous family when I was really young because I had broken my leg and they did not want to pay the vet to have it fixed. The Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue organization rescued me one day before I was scheduled to be put down. Boy, that was a close one! Now I have a new family who takes good care of me. I had a run in with a skunk awhile back and my new family was not too happy with me so, although I can’t make any promises, I’m pretty sure I won’t do that again! Now I have a lot of fun tormenting my new sister, Chelsea, who is such a diva. If the Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue organization hadn’t rescued me, I wouldn’t be here to tell my tail, I mean tale. Anything you can give to them would really help to save good dogs like me. Thank you


CHELSEA Hi. My name is Chelsea and I am 4 years old. I used to live with a family in Pensacola, FL but they decided that they could not take care of me anymore. My new family was helping the Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue organization transport me to Land O’Lakes and they fell in love with me and decided to give me a forever home. As you can see, I am very beautiful, although I have put on a few pounds because my new family spoils me with lots of chicken treats. I was very distraught when I first left my family in Pensacola and I cried a lot, but I eventually accepted it and now I love my new family. It actually turned out to be a real cushy gig since I have lots of toys and two other dogs to play with. There are lots of really good dogs like me who need homes, so anything you can contribute to Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue would be greatly appreciated. If you want to check out the website, go to

Guinness formerly Mcnabb

Attached please find 2 pictures of our beloved, adorable cocker spaniel we adopted from you in July 2005. Life has been wonderful with our new addition. He is a wonderful companion with an incredible demeanor. He's just the sweetest thing. When we adopted him he was known as McNabb, but we changed his name to Guinness and he's been such a joy! The thing in his mouth is a chew stick, which he loves. :) Thank you! Jennifer DePaola


Carol, Cowboy is doing so good! He is a little gentleman most of the time. He has shown a little aggression towards us around the cat food when told not to eat it, but we are taking everything he has been through into consideration. Other than this small, small thing, he is a doll baby. He gets in Bruce's lap every night and loves to be rubbed and talked to. We've been going to the dog park lately and he is a delight to watch. He is so confident around the other dogs and people and walks around all by himself unlike our girls who were not socialized correctly when they were younger (by us). They stay right with us most of the time while Cowboy likes to walk the perimeter of the fence. He gets a lot of attention and compliments. We have also been complimented by our vet, neighbors, and others for adopting him. I always say he is doing as much for us or more than we are doing for him. It's true...he has taken our minds off of losing Cooper a little and this helps so much. I am sending as an attachment some pictures that our son sent to us of all our pets. You will see Cooper, our 10-year old that just passed, CoCo and Candi (ESS sisters), Cowboy all groomed and looking great, and our four cats: Sweet P, Sebastian, Stormi, and Santana (who we rescued from a parking lot in Clearwater in October). Hope you enjoy seeing who Cowboy is living with now! Thanks again for everything! Judi Northcutt

Sadie Formerly Lady

Photos of Sadie, formerly known as Lady. Just click on the pictures and you can download them. Sadie came to be with us just a few days ago. Already she has won our hearts James Clinefelter

Red Boy

We just wanted to give you an update on how Red Boy is doing. We saw our picture on your web site under adoption day photos so we thought we would drop you a note. We have renamed Red Boy, his name is now Buddy. We kept on calling him Casey’s buddy since we got him to keep Casey company after Cody died. Well, 4 months after we got Buddy, Casey passed away from a turned stomach. Buddy is now the king of the house. He has Todd wrapped around his paw so he gets everything he wants. Thank you again for picking out such a great dog for us. Once things settle down, we might get a little friend from Buddy. Terri, Todd and Taylor Frank

Duke (Sherlock)

Dear Carol, Just wanted you to know that Duke (formerly Sherlock) is doing great! He is so smart that he can even say Ma Ma now. He has been in our lives since 2006 and we are so blessed to have him. He is so smart and curious that we wonder if we should have kept Sherlock as his name!!! He is such a good boy and he adapts to changes in our lives so well. Thank you for picking him out for us! He makes us laugh every day and enriches our lives so much. You are great at what you do and keep up the wonderful work! Sincerely, Robyn & Kevin Cantwell of Orlando (and Duke formerly known as Sherlock I have attached a file that shows him speaking. He is hilarious!

Jazzy (Sage)

Hi Carol, I adopted Jazzy, formerly Sage, last summer. Just wanted to give you an update and let you know how much we enjoy her and what a great dog she has turned out to be! My son is her favorite but she is a family dog. She has become a barn favorite at the horse shows too! thanks again,Lisa Ackerman


Carol, Here is some pictures my daughter took of our little one. She took it with her phone, so the color isn't full color. He has alot of toys. The sliding glass door has some lathe on it so he doesn't run into it. He is our little buddle of joy. I don't know who is spoiling who. He has been so friendly with the neighbors and they have fell in love with him. Can't you tell we are proud parents??? Hope things are going good with you. CHOPER says "HI" Diane & Skip and of course "CHOPER"

Beau and Betty

Carol, It's been 16 months since we picked up Beau. He has been a joy to our family. He got sick for a couple of months, but is fine now. He doesn't get along to well with some other dogs but is getting better. He follows my wife like a shadow and just loves my other cocker, Betty, and is still learning to play with her. He loves his squeak toys, treats, walks, and riding cars. We are sure glad he is our boy. Thanks again, Larry Baker

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