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Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Krissie is doing fantastic! She has really settled in and is very loving and affectionate. We are enjoying her so much. She sleeps between us near the foot of the bed and in the morning is full of kisses and snuggles. She follows us everywhere and is very content to just hang out with us. She is not too fond of our daughters dog and will not play with him. She seems to really thrive on being an only child with lots of attention and love. She enjoys the large fenced yard but likes one of us to be within site. She is absolutely fascinated by my chickens but tries to chase them, so when I let them out in the yard, Krissie stays in the screen room. I'm sending a few pictures but I'm still trying to get some better ones. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy she is and how much we love her. She is a really nice girl. Happy Easter, Andre

Kara & Karmella

Hi Carol The girls wanted to wish y'all a Merry Christmas. Kara is really enjoying her new sister of one year . Kara and Karmella really love and play well together. Its hard to believe January 11th Kara will be with us for 9 years. She is so very special to us and again we can not thank you enough for allowing us to adopt her. She has brought so much love and happiness to us and I think she knows she is the ' Princess' and Karmella is a 'Princess' in training . They are the best . And when they sleep they have to be touching one another. And of course they sleep with us in bed every single night. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Paul & Sandie Kara & Karmella Adams



We just wanted to thank you again for matching us up with the most amazing, loving dog ever. Whisper has been apart of our family now for 3 years. She loves playing in the back yard with her sister, who is also a cocker spaniel they are in seperable. I wanted to share a picture of her, this is her sleeping on her favorite pillow pet. You guys have a fantastic organization, thank you for caring so much for these dogs and placing them with such good homes. Sincerely Missy Harding



Lucy, Jessie, Daisy




Sugar ("Samantha" to us) is coming along SO well! She has been wonderful with 10 month old Blake. He has also been very good with her. She is eating well and adjusting well, and now that I will be gone for 5 days, she will have a chance to bond with Brian more strongly. But already there is a definite bond. He loves her dearly, as do I. We couldn't do without her! Thank you so much for keeping her so healthy and well looked after 'til we could come along and adopt her! She's a precious gift to be sure. Warmest regards, Mary and Brian and Samantha

Liberty and Justice

Carol, I received the picture & note last night. Thank you! I enjoyed reading the note - but am surprised that she gave him up.... she seemed like she really cared for him & obviously knew his personality. Justice has been doing very very well. On Friday we decided to let him be "free" and he slept in our bed. We put Liberty in the crate. They slept 7 hours - JOY!!! The best sleep we got in a week!!! Each day Justice has shown more & more personality and isn't dominated by Liberty anymore. His eyes aren't downcast anymore - they are bright & he is interactive. So, Justice has been sleeping with us every night & we have Liberty in the crate by the bed. They both seem very content and sleep thru the night. I'm so happy you went back home & got Justice the day we met you - I am really happy we gave gim a home, I know he is going to be a GREAT dog. Contrary to what the note says - Justice LOVES car rides! We have been taking him & Liberty to friends houses. I want Justice to realize that even though he is going places - he will always return to his home. Liberty has been giving us difficulty with potty training. We will have him outside, he will come on and then decide to go potty in the house. So, yesterday, we started where he has to be supervised at all times, regular visits outside, when he goes outside he is getting an immediate treat reward. They started doggie school this past Saturday. The instructor came to our house & we signed up for a 4 lesson package. Liberty is picking up quick - except for the potty training. Liberty knows his name & sit. We are working on down & leave it. Justice seems like he is learning his name, but doesn't always respond - I think a few more days and he will have it. He knows sit & leave it. We are doing clicker training - all positive reinforcement training. I started taking Justice to work yesterday. The trainer said it is good for them to have separate time too & Liberty isn't ready to go to the office yet. When I went to court yesterday my secretary said he cried & then howled. Then i came back & he got lots of attention. Today he did much better - cried a little, then sat in the chair & waited for me. So, I think he just needs to know that he is finally home & I will not leave him. So overall - Justice is wonderful, really getting comfortable & will be a great dog. Liberty is my mischievous baby, will be a little more challenging and will also be a great dog. I will keep you posted. Here are a couple of pics: Made himself quite comfy! playing in the back yard just relaxing after dinner! they love tug-o-war! Karen J Tufte, PA


Carol, Just want to update you on Gus. For the 1st month or so he panicked when we left him alone. Tried to claw his way through the door we left by. I bought him a cage. He hated that. We put the cage away, gave him the run of the house again, and now he does great. He greets us when we return, and we are never gone more than 2-3 hours. By the way, he was/is potty trained. Not even one little accident. I walk him at least 2 times a day, mostly on the golf course. He loves that and goes nuts over each and every squirrel. Once a day I leash him to our golf cart and let him run as fast as he wants. He loves that too. In a little over 3 months he's the best known dog dog on the golf course. He's so friendly, everyone loves him. The two gals that work in the Pro Shop keep doggie treats for him and for other members' dogs. So do the gals in the office. He always receives a warm welcome. We found a groomer who just loves dogs. She has a place in Floral City called Greta's Touch. Greta was her dog, now deceased. Her name is Jean and she a fenced in yard at her house and also at her Grooming business. We will leave Gus with her when we go to Connecticut for 6 days. Our oldest grandson is graduating from HS on the 14th of June. I will miss Gus and will worry about him. But Jean will bring him to her place of grooming every day and let him run and enjoy her other dogs. I know Gus misses being able to run the 15 acres you have. I can't give him that, but he really loves having a full time people family. I have some photos that I'll try to forward to you. Thanks for your part in making Gus such a great guy. Don Black


Hi Carol, Was looking at your website and thought I’d send an update on Bridie. One picture was taken when we first got her and the other more recently at a fund raiser for therapy dogs. She’s six years old now and still the best. Respectfully, Jim Brunton


Bailey has been a gift from God for us. He settled in right away but it took Maggie awhile to adjust. Today they are side by side. He goes to the vet this Wednesday. Will keep you updated. Enjoy the pictures. Jim


Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know that Timmy is doing very well. He has adjusted nicely in our home with our other dogs. He is such a hunter! Our Springer Spaniels have been trying to catch a squirrel for quite a while and Timmy has already come close to catching one. He is going to show the Springers how to do it. ha He really is an adorable dog! He loves to cuddle. In the morning, he doesn’t want to get out of bed. He is a very slow eater. The other 3 dogs finish eating quickly and they wait patiently for him to finish so that they can check out his bowl for crumbs. ha Hope you enjoy the pictures! Amy and Chris Blazejowski


Hi Carol I wanted to touch base and tell you..... Scout is my little sweetheart! He and I are like GLUE! He is the best doggie buddy!! I've attatched a pic for ya! "With God, all things are possible" Sylvia


Dear CSRNE, I'm settling in nicely in my new digs! Most of my days are spent exploring the paths around my new home, a little hiking and I even manage to squeeze in time for fetch with my football! (I'm expecting the Patriots to be looking to me for some pointers!) Sometimes I get to join my dad at work at the fire station. I'm the handsome new mascot for the Millbury Fire Station. I even have my own handmade turnout coat to keep me looking good while on the job. Thank you so much for bringing me to Jon and Kate's lives, we are a perfect match! They sure know how to scratch a belly! Love, Rocky


Dear Carol and John,I wanted to thank you both so very much for helping me find a new home for Javi. Without your help in posting him as a featured pet we would not have found Pete, Judy and little Ashley from Mount Dora. We met them today and Javi's little stub never stopped wagging. He is off to a wonderful new life with a family that I know will love him to pieces until he is a little old man dog!Keep living the good and right life and if I can help you out with ;anything please don't hesitate to call. I have attached a photo of Javi with his new little mom Ashley.Thanks again

Sue Ellen

Carol, Sue Ellen is doing well in her new home with Elsa and Bob. They called at 9:30 PM to let us know that she was settling in and adapting to her new home. So much she has already found the doggy stairs to the bed, climbed up, and was sleeping on a pillow. I am attaching the picture we took before leaving this afternoon of Sue Ellen, Elsa, Bob and her new brother, a Chinese Crested/Poodle Mix. You can see a little bit of their Italian Greyhound in the bottom right corner. Bob just came from a chiropractic adjustment, thus the neck collar. We'll get the paperwork and check to you, most likely via Jane as we are not going to be in town Saturday. Jeffrey May


Hi Carol, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy we are with Luna (formally known as Milly). She is such a loving and sweet dog. It took a few days for her to trust us and to become familiar with her surroundings, but now she is as if she has been here for a long time. She and Cosmo are close buddies, just as you said they would be. She curls up on our laps after dinner on the couch, but she loves doing to the dog park and taking long walks. I have attached some recent photos on Luna and one with Cary and Cosmo on the chair. She is NEVER short of kisses and is always ready for attention. She has given us such joy, Carol, and we wanted you to know that we thank you for saving her for us. Thanks again for all, and God bless you for the work that you do. Sincerely, Mary and Cary Kaufman

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