In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.


Hi Carol and Staff! Today March 18th, 2007 Sir Winston aka Jack picked us to be his Mommy and Daddy! Winston is such a Love Bug. Always gives kisses to us and his 2 brothers and 1 sister. As my husband says he is a Mommy's boy. But I am home with him all day so that is expected. During Winston's six years with us he has been camping in Myrtle Beach S.C. The Great Smokey Mountains, Pigeon Forge, Tn as well as Tampa, Fl. and goes for car rides with the other kids. We love all the fur babies to pieces and Thank you all for providing us the means to adopt Winnie! And yes all the kids are spoiled just the way we like it. They are here for such a short time and bring so much love and happiness to us! Thanks for all you do each and everyday! The Family Ricci Bill, Lynne, Winston, Lacie, Daniel and Cooper Jacksonville, Florida


I went to the groomer in Kissimmee this morning (3/13) and had a wonderful time being pampered." Mimi is admired by all and after only three days she has adapted so well. "Thank you FCSR for finding me an awesome furever home


I have now had Dolly (f/k/a Tinkerbell) 1 year today. She is such a precious little girl. Thank you, FCSR, for letting me give her a home. She has made such a difference in my life. You are such a great organization and I wish you much success in the future. Dolly is definitely a "Success Story"! Sharon Line


Hi Carol As promised I have a picture of Gracie with her older Brother, Rusty. One with Gracie chomping on one of Rusty's toys, which are now hers. Rusty has to put Gracie in her place at least 3 times a day. She is always pulling at his ears. She sleeps through the night (on the bed with us of course) and does her business outdoors. We go on long walks every night. She is content being indoors. Everyday I see a little improvement. She is calming down. However, whenever she thinks she can get away with something. She grabs the newspaper off the table, a pair of shoes you just happen to kick off. All of our bedroom doors are closed unless we are in there with her. She is a pistol, but we think she will come around to the way Rusty runs the household. Thanks again for all you do for these Rescue pups. Rosemarie & Howard


These are some pictures of Cody!! I hope you like his new look. Regards, Dey

Bandit and his new family

thought I would send some happy photos to you today. So, as promised here are the pictures we took of Bandit last night. There are a few of me holding him wearing a new yellow raincoat Andree bought for him, but I have yet to see the 'one-of-a-kind' coat Andree is sewing. Doesn't Bandit look so happy? (and his family too).


Hi Carol, Bella is doing wonderfull! She loves her big brother Rocky- lab. hope all is well. Linda Ott

Baily and Cooper

Happy New Year Carol and Team! It dawned on me that I've not sent any photos of my two rescue babies since we brought them home in January 2010! My husband Michael and I adopted Maverick (now he's called Bailey) and then just-named Captain (now my baby Cooper) from your shelter 3 years ago this month. The two little guys have been an incredible blessing in our lives...we needed them as much as they needed us. Michael had been diagnosed with Cancer during the summer of 2009 when we also lost our 17-year old Cocker Spaniel, Sunny Boy. Bailey and Cooper filled a terrible void for the two of us and brought much joy to Michael during his battle with lung cancer. They provided comfort and smiles when Michael needed them most. Bailey, Cooper and I lost my husband Michael in July 2011. Bailey and Cooper kept watch and protected Michael right to the very end. We all miss him terribly. We've had a very tough 18 months trying to move on in our lives, but we're thriving. My two boys are the light in my life, and I don't know what I'd do without them! I had some professional photos done in October for fun...Mike and I always meant to do a family shot, but we didn't get around to it. Thought I'd share them with you. Cooper is the smaller of the two dogs (he was only 4 month old when we adopted were just about to name him Captain, which actually suits his personality!), and Bailey is my LOVE bug...playful and affectionate...(he was 8 months old and named Maverick). Hope you enjoy the photos... Kind regards, Kimberly Byerly Orlando, FL

Choper and Baethoven

Here is a picture of our BOYS. Choper and Baethoven. Choper is on the right side and Baethoven on the left. They are a JOY and they keep us laughing. We don't know what they will do next. Baethoven likes to chase the birds and Choper he like to chase the squirels. Then they switch. One time they went around the corner and ran into each other. Bae looks up and doesn't look where he is running, Choper will jump over him when he gets in the way. Can't beleive we have had them for 2 1/2 years already. We love them to death. Thanks so much for watching over them till we got them. Sincerely,Skip & Diane Fleming


Hi Carol, Wishing you and all your team a very Happy Healthy New Year. We adopted Winston (aka Jack) back on March 18, 2007. We are here in Jacksonville, Florida. Winston is now the pack leader. The 2 hounds we had when Winston was adopted have both passed from cancer. So we now have a Basenji mix (male), a hound (female) and most recent a beagle/mix also male. And of course are all rescue fur-babies!. They all get along wonderfully. Winston is a wonderful dog if I say so myself. He loves attention and is also a good watch dog and pack leader. All the fur-babies go on 1-2 vacations with us a year in our camper and they love both the Smoky Mountains and Myrtle Beach, S.C. I have attached a picture of Winston Christmas 2012. It was hard to get the hat on straight and have him look at the camera, but I think it turned out pretty good. We hope that 2013 will be a great year for everyone both human and cocker's a well! Also we do follow you on facebook. The Ricci's Bill, Lynne, Lacie, Winston, Daniel and Cooper


Good morning, I just wanted to send a quick message and let you know that Gator is doing great. He has settled in beautifully and Ginger loves him already!! He has done great with my cats too, he is curious but respectful. I have some great pictures and I will send to you sometime this week. I brought him to get groomed yesterday and of course he did great and everyone loved him at the groomers! He looks so good, all shiny and soft and they trimmed him up a bit. Ginger and Gator are both sleeping in their beds right now in front of the fire place. We went for over an hour walk this morning, we came back and they ate and now they are both snoozing away. I had Gator off leash today during our walk and he did great. The dogs had a great time running and playing with each. He has been great meeting all the other dogs on the trails too. I feel very lucky and blessed to have found Gator, he is doing wonders for Ginger who is still working through some fears and anxiety. I have seen some positive changes in her in just the first day! I will send more updates in the New Year, and will send the pictures this week, Merry Christmas Gail, Gator and Ginger!!


I adopted Brock on in September of this year from this wonderful organization. I had a Cocker that passed away in July and was devastated until I looked on this site and saw a picture of Brock. I knew he was the one for me. He is a sweetie and loves to cuddle and much as he loves to go on walks. He is such a happy dog and he is very loved. This is his Forever Home for sure! Regina Callahan



Here is a picture of Maddox relaxing in the garden at his forever home. He is doing just great. Maddox is so sweet and such a good boy. He has been perfect with his potty training too! Thank you at FCSR for all you do.


I adopted my cocker Daisy from Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue in July of 2004. She's 9 years old now and doing great! Amazingly, she's had only one ear infection so first cocker had constant ear infections. Daisy's still very playful and most people think she's much younger than 9. I'm so grateful that I was able to adopt her. Picture is Daisy at Honeymoon Island dog beach.


Jordan came to live with us at the end of July 2012 and he took ownership of our house. He is such a playful pup for a 3 yer old. Jordan loves people and other pups so much, he even loves the vet. Jordan makes coming home from work a wonderful end to our day. We are so please that Jordan picked us to be his parents. Doug and Cindy Wolcott


Hi! Krissie is fantastic. I'm sending a few pictures that I took this week. She has adjusted very well to her new home and in fact, is now running the place. She looks very serious in the pictures, but she is really such a character - often leaping around and being goofy. We have so much fun with her; she has come out of her shell and has quite the personality. A silly, silly girl (and what she won't do for food or treats). I guess she has trained us well. Anyway, she is great and we just love her so much:) She says hello and we all send you best wishes. Hope all is well. And again, thank you so much for helping her find the way into our lives. Andre


Karena and Carol Just to let you know - Suzy now weighs 28.5 lbs. The vet is very happy with her progress. Suzy has a much easier time getting into the car and up on the couch now! She has adopted the couch as her venue when I leave the house to go to work. She is calming down a lot and barks much less. I think she is really feeling comfortable here. Suzy is a very happy dog and takes her "guarding" duties very seriously. What a love! Thanks to you both. Sandy

Jazzy and Beau

Dear Carol, Thank you for your kind words and know that I do appreciate your assistance in bringing me my new kids. Here are the pictures I promissed you. 1- 008 First day on the job 2- 021 We have to get a new car as we no longer fit... am I in, I don't think I'm in, am I in? 3- 024 Amelia Fufu is really happy now. 4- 036 Bird what bird? 5- 037 All Happy Together 6- 039 Everything is all behind us now. Jeanni, Jeff, Amelia Fufu, Jazzy and Beau


Hi Aunt Carol, This is Ziggy, remember me?? Wanted to send you a picture of me and my Mom, Mary, hard at work!! I just get so excited every morning during the week when it's time to head off to work. I have the best job in the world - I work in a church office and everyone comes and greets me and gives me bones and treats. Oh my, you can't even imagine how exciting it is. I protect my Mommy too, from those UPS and FedEx people (ha)!! I still am a bit not too sure about everyone that comes in to pet and greet me, but mostly they think I'm a likeable guy! Do you know they even call me "the church dog," how about that!! You sure did a wonderful thing when you got me this home - it's the best ever! I have an older sister Purdie, whom I love and lots of kitty friends!! I just love them all!! I must admit when my new Mommy came to pick me up I wasn't too sure I wanted to leave you, as you took such care of me for many years (and for that I thank you so much!), but I sure am glad Mommy Mary was insistent on giving me a try - was the best thing in the world for me!! You'll have to come and visit me sometime, see my big back yard that I can run around in and all the cool toys I have and I even get to sleep with my Mommy at night!! Couldn't be better!! Thank you aunt Carol for taking such good care of me for so long - we just knew the right Mom would come along and she did!! Big kisses to all my buddies back at the rescue and it's my prayer that they will all get the same kind of forever homes!! Love and BIG slurpy kisses, Your buddy, Ziggy!!

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