In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.


Hi everyone! Bandit here in my new forever home (my friends at FCSR knew me as 'Cocoa Boy'). I am having such a great time. I have a new sister - her name is Inka and she is a little neurotic, but we get along just fine - now. It was a little rocky at first, but I won her over. My new Mom loves how soft my fur is and how I love to snuggle. We all sleep together in Mom's big bed. For some reason, though, Inka and I have more room than Mom does???? I miss Miss Carol and my friends at FCSR, but I love having a forever home and family. We have fun together, playing ball and running around at the dog park. I have met so many new friends and learned how to squeak toys. I hope my friends at FCSR find their forever homes soon and are as happy as I am. Love and licks, Bandit Fleeger


Paul and I just wanted you to know that our precious (Snickers) now, Chipper, is absolutely the most precious little dog in the world. He bosses Baci around, loves to cuddle so much I want him to be Therapy dog, and is just so loved. Thank you for all you do to help these precious dogs find homes full of love. Kathy & Paul Cunningham Grand Island, FL


It's been six months since Mimi joined our happy family. She loves running around with sisters Holly and Lindy (FCSR alumni). Then, there's nothing better then a little nap.... Neils--Kissimmee


Just thought I'd send a couple photos of my boys that were adopted from you many years ago. Joey was adopted approx. 11 years ago. He's getting older and a little lazy.


Hi, I am letting you see me on my first visit at the beach. My sister and I stayed overnight with Sherry (Mom's daughter) She took us to the beach and we ran and jumped in the water. I had my eyes on the birds too. Sherry is 31 today so at her request we spent the night with her. She wanted some loving and we were happy to a-bilge. This gave Mom/Dad a break. My walking is almost perfect. I have adapted to my family and think I know what heaven is. Again thank you. My sister Calee and I play all the time. Be good and I will write again, Pebbles

Bonded Pair

It's been almost five months since I adopted these Wonder Twins. I have discovered a few things: 1) they have the ability to levitate to retrieve bananas no matter where they are placed on the kitchen counter; 2) they really, really, really love toilet paper; and, 3) they are the funniest, warmest, most loving little creatures that could have come in to my life! Thanks again for recommending this bonded pair of lovely ladies to me!


Carol Wanted to give you an update on Kara… Kara is doing very well … She loves here lil sister Karmella… Oct. 1st of 2012 my husband’s Uncle had to go into assisted living and couldn’t take 2 dogs … So we said we would take Nessa… Nessa was rescued by my husband’s Uncle.. He had he about 3 years before she came to live with us this past Oct… Nessa is part Cocker and part Poodle.. She is very sweet and loving and loves her new sisters… They all get along so well…. So now we are a 3 Princess family… And they all 3 have Cocker in them somewhere.. Here is a pic of our beautiful Princess’s From left to right… Princess Karmella, Princess Nessa, Princess Kara .. Just wanted to let you know that that Princess Kara is doing well .. The past January 11th we celebrated Kara’s 10 years of life with us… Thank you again for allowing us to adopt our precious Kara.. Paul & §andie Adams


Dusty searching for lizards. He is doing well. John


Hello, It's been about 9 years since my husband and I adopted two dogs from your rescue. Recently we have been discussing adopting another puppy and so I decided to sit down and write my Cocker Spaniel story. It's a bit long but it has a happy ending and if you'd like to share it as a Success Story even though many years have passed please feel free. Attached is a photo of Xandora, one of the dogs we adopted. My Cocker Spaniel Story My very first dog was a gift for my second birthday from my Uncle Jack. He had brought me a tiny puppy that soon grew into a great big German Shepard. Growing up I lived on horse farm and we always had large breed dogs. The German Shepard was the first and we also had Dobermans Rottweilers, and assortment of mixed breed labs and retrievers. I had a friend that owned an untrained and out of control Cocker Spaniel that barked nonstop and had sever aggression issues. I also had an Aunt that had a Cocker Spaniel that was the same way. I compared those dogs with my well mannered pack and thought to myself with a disdainful sniff that I would never get one of those little 'ankle bitter' type of dogs. So it was with a great deal of surprise that in my early twenties I found myself adopting a six month old ball of fur that a woman I worked with was going to take to the pound because it had nipped her two year old child. The ball of fur turned out to be a parti colored (black and white) Cocker Spaniel named Squirt. Even I thought I was crazy to be bringing home a nippy, yappy, bratty little dog! I phoned my husband to let him know that I was bringing home a little dog and I could hear the disbelief and doubt in his voice. When I got home I opened the car door and VOOM...there she went, running full tilt across the yard, heading for open acreage and the pond. “Well, that didn't last long.” My husband commented. It took us about a half hour to catch her and after that I was determined that she would be trained and taught manners just as all of my big dogs had been. She would learn her place in the house, she would not be allowed on the furniture, she wouldn't sleep on the bed. Those of you that have owned Cockers know already that this didn't even last the first 24 hours. Despite her new couch dog/foot warmer status she did eventually learn manners and all the basic commends quickly, although she put me through quite a trial with potty training. It took some extra time and patience but she had that down within a few months as well. She also taught me that those big labs and retrievers had nothing on her when it came to fetch. Anything you threw she was after it like a shot and would play for hours, long after the big guys had given up. Squirt turned out the be the most loveable, playful, and sweet little dog I'd ever owned. She traveled with me and my husband on camping trips and across the country from Michigan to Florida on many occasions. She was our constant companion and every where we took her people commented on how sweet and well behaved she was, and she managed to change more than a few minds about what Cocker's were really like. She was an amazing little dog. In 2002 my husband and I moved to Florida and of course Squirt made new friends faster than we did. She settled right in and adapted to a smaller yard with no trouble at all. She thought chasing the squirrels up trees was great fun. About two years later, shortly after she turned ten years old, Squirt became very ill one night. We rushed her to the emergency vet but her condition rapidly deteriorated and the vet told us she was in kidney failure. In a very short time she was gone and we were devastated. We lost our heart, and even almost ten years later we still grieve her loss. As much as I loved our Squirt, I had told my husband for years before her passing that when she went we were not going to get another Cocker. I was convinced she was just special. An exception to the overly hyper and temperamental little dogs I remembered from my childhood. When she passed so quickly and unexpectedly I still stuck to my guns, but for other reasons. I didn't want another dog to come in and try taking her place. After a month or so of grieving my husband pulled out unfair tactics. He showed me a picture he had found online of a black and white Cocker female named Mya, who was an older lady in need of a home from a place called the Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue. I reluctantly allowed him to fill out the application and agreed to go and see her when the appointment was made. I sternly told him that if this dog wasn't the right temperament, if I didn't think she would be a good fit for us, that we were not going to get her. When we arrived at the groomers shop where we were to meet Mya, I was surprised to find that we weren't just meeting Mya, but several other boys and girls that needed homes. We focused on Mya though, because she was only a few years younger than our Squirt had been, and we knew it was harder to place older dogs than younger ones. After about ten minutes my husband had made up his mind, we were taking her home. I was still a bit reserved, but I agreed. Mya was in need of a grooming and so she was taken in the back to get her bath and hair cut. Meanwhile, there were several more dogs running around playing. I sat down to wait and the most adorable black and white puppy jumped right up in my lap, curled up and went to sleep like she was made to be there. I'm still convinced this was an ambush. I resisted strenuously. We had been a one dog household for a number of years and that's the way I liked it, and my husband had already made up his mind. He looked over at me, saw the puppy and said no, that we couldn't disappoint Mya now, and we really only needed one dog. After about an hour of sleeping and sticking by my side, it was much harder than I thought it would be when we finally collected Mya and went out to the car. My husband started the engine, we looked at each other and we knew we were not going anywhere without that puppy. Two year old Birdy had only very recently come to the rescue, but she got a new home and a new name that very day. Xandora was very quite, shy, and timid. Very much the opposite of the confident outgoing dogs we were used too. She also had some medical issues as she had not come from a good environment before the rescue got her. It took a few vet visits and a lot of patience, coaxing, and loving to bring her out of her shell but eventually she got healthy and happy. Mya and Xan fit right into our lives and while they didn't replace Squirt they didn't need to as they carved out their own places in our hearts. Mya got to enjoy retirement and lived a comfortable eight years with us until she passed last year. Even her last couple years when she was mostly blind and deaf she was sweetly affectionate and always willing to warm a lap or go for a stroll. Xandora now has silver in her ears and muzzle but she has found a new career. From a shy and fearful puppy she has now become a calm, sweet, and affectionate dog who travels everywhere with my husband, including to his job where he cares for a disabled woman and her mother who has Alzheimer's. Both ladies enjoy her visits, but everyone was surprised how much help she has been in some of the every day difficulties of caring for a person with Alzheimer's. Apparently when you don't remember what year it is, or who is around you, and you don't want to get up, it's still worth getting out of bed to greet a furry friend and talk for awhile. It's proof enough for me that every dog deserves another chance, and no matter what the stereotype for their breed may be no dog should be judged on that alone. Thank you Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue for believing that they deserve that chance at a forever home as well. Sincerely, Michelle, Joe, and Xandora Brzezicki


Its been three months since we got Max (Ernie) and he's such a sweet boy. Loves all his toys but still likes bottles to chew on the best. Love taking walks around the block which he gets twice daily and we learned that he loves to swim in our pool and jump of the stairs and yelps in delight when he does.


Hi Everyone: Just wanted to give you an update on our new girl. Everyone is getting along very well. Lady is doing great and enjoying our long walks and driving in the car with the sunroof open. We took two long walks today and ended up walking 7 km in all. This afternoon when we were out near the golf course there were about 10 geese walking across the parking lot. The three dogs wanted to chase them so it was a bit of a struggle keeping them on task but I managed. Felt a bit like being behind a team of sled dogs :). I bought a whole bunch of toys at Pet Smart the other day and the boys didn't notice but one by one Lady was surrounding herself with the toys, til she had them all. Guess she is showing them who the boss is. I have attached a picture of Lady with her bumblebee which actually buzzes. Got to love the Martha Stewart toys. Hope all is well with everyone down there. Deb

Mugsy (Tater)

Just wanted to give you an update on Mugsy (Tater). We have had him for almost 8 months now and couldn't be happier! He is such a sweet boy. He absolutely LOVES to play fetch and tug-of-war. He is well tempered, and gets along very well with our other cocker, Mollie. He is such a cuddle monster, and will sit as close to you as possible. Every person that has met him has fallen in love with him. He sleeps in bed with his mommy every night and loves to cuddle with his grandpa while he watches TV. He listens extremely well, has learned multiple commands since his adoption. He even enjoys his trips to the doctor. Thank you all so much for what you do at FCSR and for helping us find the newest member of our family. We already couldn't imagine what the house would be like without him in it!

Holly Darcy and Lady

Subject: Updates on adoptions (Holly,Darcy and Lady) 1. Lady has adapted very well although a bit shy at first and not sure of her new home she has adjusted very well enjoys her beds and toys and keeps a watchful eye on Holly and Darcy. She now realizes this is her new home and she is here to stay. She like s her yard and you can find her under the low hanging oak branches rubbing her back. 2. Darcy never stops wagging her tail and loves to sleep on the coach or recliner. She is afraid to get up and down so we have put step stools by her favorite spots and now with just a little hesitation she gets up and down just fine. She does however she does not like to be left alone. When she realizes we have left the room she sits up raises her chin and howls like there is no tomorrow. She has an appointment with her new doc. on Saturday to get the cyst on her leg checked out. There was never any doubt that she was at home in her new house. 3. Black Holly is now just Holly and this little angel with no eyes has no fear of anything she is always getting up in our laps seeking attention. She also likes the squeaky toys and will squeak them till her jaws are tired. She also will join in with Darcy if she is close to her and they howl together in stereo. They both have learned their way out through the garage and around the house and in the back door. So there is a quick update on the girls I will let you know how the vet visit goes with Darcy and what we decide to do about the cyst. Thanks for the Girls!! Kevin and Martha Hayton


Hi Ladies! I just wanted to let you know that Chloe is adjusting well! She has made some friends with my friend's dogs and gets along perfectly with my cats! She is starting to play with her toys and loves to chase the laser around the living room. Most of the time, she can be found sleeping in one of her numerous "spots" around the house. She did get a "good hair cut" and looks like a brand new dog. Thank you again for taking care of her until I could bring her home! Melanie

Sadie Sue

Hi - just wanted to let you know that Sadie Sue is doing very well and seems to be happy. We are so grateful to have her. Thanks for all you do.

Bella Boots

We adopted Bella Boots three weeks ago tomorrow and she is the sweetest little dog. She has adapted quickly and it seems as though she has always been with us. She is enjoying her quiet home and lots of walks and pampering. Thank you for your work with these beautiful, loving dogs. I tell everyone that meets and fusses over Bella all about your organization. Thank you again, Ginger

Bailey & Buttercup

Hi, Here's the latest in the adventures of Bailey & Buttercup, & Rosie & Maggie. Laura suggested we take the dogs over to Paradise Island beach to the public section to have a run on the sand, so she arrived with Rosie around 8am & we all loaded into the car with lots of excitement & drove over the bridge to Paradise Island & along to the public access point. As you can see from the pictures they all had a lovely time, we didn't let them of their leads as there were other dogs & people about. They all went for a swim, Buttercup was funny as she kept chasing the waves as they swept onshore, she is quite a character, note how she sat on the back of the seat when we got back to the car & dried them off. Bailey really had a good time, he is very social & loves company, he seems very happy living here with his 2 ladies, Buttercup & Maggie. And when Laura brings her dog Journey here, Bailey gives her a warm greeting often standing on his back legs & putting his front paws around Journeys neck, I will try & get a picture of this. And now when we go out we no longer hear him howling, he knows we'll be home & he's got the others for company. In the last few pictures you can see the big hotels in the distance, Atlantis & the Cove. Best wishes from us all, Richard


Hi FCSR, Where does the time go? Mimi has been in her furever home for two months now and it's like she's always been part of the family. She loves her walks, rides on the golf cart, and of course her sisters Holly and Lindy. We can't forget her buddy Sam the Cat either. Thank you again for providing my home with three of the most wonderful and loving animals.... Neils

Bailey & Buttercup

Hi, Thought you'd enjoy seeing more pictures of our "stars", Bailey & Buttercup have settled in really well, they know our routine & just join in, the first 2 pics are in our bedroom, Riley likes our bed or just lying on the floor, Buttercup & Maggie share the small couch or like the floor. Bailey loves the garden, see pic 100 which gives you a good view from the house, its all walled & fenced in & totally secure. Bailey now has a good friend in Journey, Laura's pot cake who now thinks she's a cocker, they spend hours playing together & chasing each other about, Bailey loves to just run between Journeys legs which he easily does. Buttercup is just like her report said, she loves to just ramble around the garden looking for lizards & nosing away, however she does join in when someone starts barking & they all race of together, & she always come by for a pat, she loves affection. Meal time is a zoo, I only have 2 hands & Bailey feels he should be served first, however so does Journey, so I do her, then Bailey, then the other 3 ladies, & then have to stand & watch 'till they're all finished so someone doesn't stray to someone else's bowl. I noticed in the beginning Bailey would eat a few mouthfuls then go for a wander, then return & eat some more, but he very quickly learnt that with 4 other dogs, he'd better stay & eat all or someone else would have it ! Laura is going to another of the Bahama islands for another of her BAARK animal spay weekends, this coming weekend so we will have Rosie & Journey for a sleepover from Thursday 'till Sunday evening, should be entertaining ! cheers Richard & Julie

Bailey & Buttercup

I thought you'd be interested in seeing some recent pictures of Bailey & Buttercup settling in to their new home, its been going really well so far, the other dogs have made them welcome, our local rescue cocker Maggie seems quite keen on Bailey who has now joined her as backup barker, following her when she goes off barking at something. I think as Laura has rescued so many local dogs they all must understand how lucky they are & should welcome the others accordingly ! The couple of nights so far have gone well, they follow us & Maggie upstairs to our bedroom, Maggie & Buttercup settle down on their mats on the floor & Bailey makes himself at home in the middle of our bed, where he likes to snuggle against either one of us in the night. After lights go out no one has yet caused any problems, sleeping through the night & then they all troop downstairs around 6am to go outside & take care of business. Today Suzanne our groomer arrived & she shaved Buttercup who now looks much happier without all her fur, she's been leaping about with Bailey since. We are taking Buttercup to our vet as she has a cough, mainly in the mornings, which we are worried might be Kennel cough, also she "scoots", drags her bum over the ground at times so we want to get her checked out. Bailey certainly has separation anxieties, when Laura leaves the house he runs to the door & starts howling so mournfully, so we go & cuddle him & make a fuss of him. Anyway its still very early days & in time all this should pass. I like my pic # 914 of Bailey running up our garden, so far I think he is a bit overwhelmed by all the space to run in, Buttercup is not keen on the grass & certainly not if its wet, she stays on the pathways. Thanks again for all your help with Laura doing the adoptions, they are both lovely dogs & we just cannot understand how others can be so hurtful to them. Richard & Julie

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