In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.


Abigail- We have had her now 3 months and she is the best thing we ever had. She shows us love and we do back. Thank you so much. Here is a picture of what she likes to do. Adopted by: Janet Kurasz


Hi Carol: Just wanted you to know that the dog formerly known as "Ali" is now "Lucie" and as you can see very at home. She and Gracie are seeming to bond quickly and if I stop too quick, she runs into my leg hahaha, I don't know how anyone could have given up this little sweetheart! Thank you for the wonderful work you and all the volunteers do! Lucie is my 3rd pup I've gotten from your rescue, and each one has been a wonderful addition to the family!!! Roseanna hardy

Allie (Formerly Cha Cha) She is wonderful and a very happy little girl. We did find out she is allergic to wheat and grass pollens.
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Anabel Hi Carol Today makes 5 weeks since Anabel joined our family and her transformation is remarkable.
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Angel and Anabel

Hi Carol,Happy New Year! I returned home last night to Bill's successful week alone
with Angel and Anabel. Seems like we have a new family member. There are issues
which we will continue to work with and I will keep you posted. Attached is a photo
of the girls. Angel is a very sweet little girl. She is very curious and is into
everything but she looks at you with those big brown eyes and that overbite and and
you melt . . .I hope the situation continues to improve for all of us.Thanks again,

Annie We adopted Annie in September and struggled with her for the first 3 or 4 weeks as she was snapping at us. To refresh your memory, we came close to returning her a couple of times.
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Annie She likes to run around in the back yard and play with a squeaky toy. She is also very content to lounge on the sofa next to Craig and be petted.
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Apache (formerly Mickey) Dear Carol, I just wanted to let you know how Apache (formally Mickey) is doing and send a couple of pictures.He is GREAT with children and people. I am so lucky to have him.
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Hi Carol, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to send you an update on Arlo, who is having many summer adventures. He has been to the beach a couple times now and loves it! He met some mollusks, hermit crabs, and starfish. Once he realized there were animals living in the shells, he had to sniff everyone to see if anyone wanted to come out and play. We also celebrated Arlo's birthday on June 15th. Jason made him a special lamb and turkey "cupcake" for his birthday brunch, and he received many presents. His favorites are a couple stuffed squirrels. Arlo also went to the doggy salon to get his summer haircut so that he will be nice and cool in the increasingly hot weather we are having in Tallahassee. Thanks for all you do! Best wishes & happy summer, Laci & Jason


Dear Carol, Thank you so much for your email and for talking with the vet last week. Cathy also emailed me Arlo's vet records. Arlo is doing great! He is very happy with us, and we couldn't be more happy that he is here now! He has been to the dog park a few times already and loves it. He also loves playing with his toys and chasing balls! I am attaching a picture of him with one of his new favorite toys. Thank you for all you do! Best wishes, Laci

Baby Dylan

Dear Carol, Since last Saturday I am enjoying life with my two spaniel brothers, my Bichonpoo cousin, my three kitty siblings, and the two birdies. Thank you for keeping me safe,Carol until my new Mommy and Daddy could get me. Love, Buttonwollow McKittrick


Hi Carol, It's been a little over a month since we adopted Bailey and we couldn't be happier! He has quite the personality and loves his toys, his daily walks and snacks! Thanks again for helping us find this "perfect" addition to our family!


I thought I'd send this to you. Bailey has a very nice bed; however, he prefers sleeping on a tempurpedic! He is doing great and we couldn't be happier! Lisa


Bailey has been a gift from God for us. He settled in right away but it took Maggie awhile to adjust. Today they are side by side. He goes to the vet this Wednesday. Will keep you updated. Enjoy the pictures. Jim

Bailey Carol, Sorry it's taken so long, but I am finally sending you some pictures of Bailey (formerly Peekaboo), the cockapoo we adopted from you in June. she is doing very well now and we love her to pieces.
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Bailey & Bear

Hi Carol Merry Christmas! I am sending a couple of photos of Bear, he is 7 years old now and such a baby. Today we went to visit Santa, both my boys are hoping to get on the nice list! I'm pretty sure they will make it. The 2nd photo is from our family vacation this year. Bear has decided to train the new kid to play ball at an early age, he sat waiting for her to throw it! Wishing you all a successful 2010 Margaret Carr

Bailey & Buttercup

Hi, Here's the latest in the adventures of Bailey & Buttercup, & Rosie & Maggie. Laura suggested we take the dogs over to Paradise Island beach to the public section to have a run on the sand, so she arrived with Rosie around 8am & we all loaded into the car with lots of excitement & drove over the bridge to Paradise Island & along to the public access point. As you can see from the pictures they all had a lovely time, we didn't let them of their leads as there were other dogs & people about. They all went for a swim, Buttercup was funny as she kept chasing the waves as they swept onshore, she is quite a character, note how she sat on the back of the seat when we got back to the car & dried them off. Bailey really had a good time, he is very social & loves company, he seems very happy living here with his 2 ladies, Buttercup & Maggie. And when Laura brings her dog Journey here, Bailey gives her a warm greeting often standing on his back legs & putting his front paws around Journeys neck, I will try & get a picture of this. And now when we go out we no longer hear him howling, he knows we'll be home & he's got the others for company. In the last few pictures you can see the big hotels in the distance, Atlantis & the Cove. Best wishes from us all, Richard

Bailey & Buttercup

Hi, Thought you'd enjoy seeing more pictures of our "stars", Bailey & Buttercup have settled in really well, they know our routine & just join in, the first 2 pics are in our bedroom, Riley likes our bed or just lying on the floor, Buttercup & Maggie share the small couch or like the floor. Bailey loves the garden, see pic 100 which gives you a good view from the house, its all walled & fenced in & totally secure. Bailey now has a good friend in Journey, Laura's pot cake who now thinks she's a cocker, they spend hours playing together & chasing each other about, Bailey loves to just run between Journeys legs which he easily does. Buttercup is just like her report said, she loves to just ramble around the garden looking for lizards & nosing away, however she does join in when someone starts barking & they all race of together, & she always come by for a pat, she loves affection. Meal time is a zoo, I only have 2 hands & Bailey feels he should be served first, however so does Journey, so I do her, then Bailey, then the other 3 ladies, & then have to stand & watch 'till they're all finished so someone doesn't stray to someone else's bowl. I noticed in the beginning Bailey would eat a few mouthfuls then go for a wander, then return & eat some more, but he very quickly learnt that with 4 other dogs, he'd better stay & eat all or someone else would have it ! Laura is going to another of the Bahama islands for another of her BAARK animal spay weekends, this coming weekend so we will have Rosie & Journey for a sleepover from Thursday 'till Sunday evening, should be entertaining ! cheers Richard & Julie

Bailey & Buttercup

I thought you'd be interested in seeing some recent pictures of Bailey & Buttercup settling in to their new home, its been going really well so far, the other dogs have made them welcome, our local rescue cocker Maggie seems quite keen on Bailey who has now joined her as backup barker, following her when she goes off barking at something. I think as Laura has rescued so many local dogs they all must understand how lucky they are & should welcome the others accordingly ! The couple of nights so far have gone well, they follow us & Maggie upstairs to our bedroom, Maggie & Buttercup settle down on their mats on the floor & Bailey makes himself at home in the middle of our bed, where he likes to snuggle against either one of us in the night. After lights go out no one has yet caused any problems, sleeping through the night & then they all troop downstairs around 6am to go outside & take care of business. Today Suzanne our groomer arrived & she shaved Buttercup who now looks much happier without all her fur, she's been leaping about with Bailey since. We are taking Buttercup to our vet as she has a cough, mainly in the mornings, which we are worried might be Kennel cough, also she "scoots", drags her bum over the ground at times so we want to get her checked out. Bailey certainly has separation anxieties, when Laura leaves the house he runs to the door & starts howling so mournfully, so we go & cuddle him & make a fuss of him. Anyway its still very early days & in time all this should pass. I like my pic # 914 of Bailey running up our garden, so far I think he is a bit overwhelmed by all the space to run in, Buttercup is not keen on the grass & certainly not if its wet, she stays on the pathways. Thanks again for all your help with Laura doing the adoptions, they are both lovely dogs & we just cannot understand how others can be so hurtful to them. Richard & Julie

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