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Shadow Boy

We have had Shadow Boy now about ten years. He is old and lazy in his senior years but doing well. He pretty much gets what he wants these days. He is slowing down and his hips are weak now. His daddy will be making him a wheel chair for his last year's so he can get around the beach easier. He still loves the beach and hates the pool. I know the time is coming when he will say goodbye but this is his furever home. He has been happy and spoiled. I think you have him still on your home page to right when he was a young- thanks Carol! Shadow Boy’s Mom- Patti


This is an update from Zoey’s furever family after the first night with them when she was adopted. "I cannot even begin to tell you how in love with Zoey we are already. She is the sweetest pup! She slept in her bed in my daughter's room last night. She is just so calm, sweet and cute! She will definitely be loved and spoiled! We will be sending you pics and updates."

Nelson and Gateway

Nelson and Gateway have been doing a fair bit of camping this summer. They don't swim but they do sniff, so it has been fun for everyone.


Hi Carol, just wanted to let you know how Jesse is doing. The weekend of 8/4/17 was his one year anniversary with us! He is an energetic little guy and just loves life and all his family. He keeps up with Colt, running the house and yard and playing tug of war with the toys. When our children and granddaughters come over he just turns himself inside out with excitement (and they are here frequently). He loves everyone and is so affectionate. In the evening he is in mine or Jack's recliner lying next to us. He sleeps right between us in bed every night. He loves the RV and does not want to be left out of any family activity. He is still a little rascal and has to be watched at all times as he gets into anything he can! We say 'it takes a village' and everyone here knows to keep an eye on Jesse! We love him and just wanted to give you an update on our sweet little guy.❤️ Jack & Andre

Mattie- you knew her as Tory


Buddy & his brother Ruger got a haircut today. His mom says Buddy is awesome and they are so happy they added him to their family.

PaisleyGrace (former Hannah)

Happy 1st Birthday PaisleyGrace (former Hannah). God blessed me with you on my Birthday and I could not be more than happy to have you as my dog child. You are always so happy and always smiling and there is never a dull moment with you.




Abigail- We have had her now 3 months and she is the best thing we ever had. She shows us love and we do back. Thank you so much. Here is a picture of what she likes to do. Adopted by: Janet Kurasz


Miss Carol, Hi this is Trixie. I've been with my furever family since October. My Mom & Dad sure do love and spoil me. I've just completed my first road trip north with stops in VA & PA to meet the cousins in my family. They were very sweet to me. Now for my tale of woe: I have arrived in New Hampshire. BRR- Yikes do you know you can see your breath when you are outside? Florida was certainly a whole lot warmer. I wish I could borrow Crusoe's winter coat. Dad's doing his best to keep me warm. We will live in a campground for the summer (not sure what they mean by summer since up here it still gets down in the 30's at night). Well, I think I'll hunker down in my sleeping bag and hope Dad turns the heat up a degree or two. I sure don't know how Frosty does it. I've heard this will be a great place once it gets warmer. Hmmm? Hope all is well. Regards, Trixie 🐾🐾


Hi Carol. Jessie says hello. He is hanging out in the pool today with family and his fur buddies. He is doing well and has lots of fun and playtime with his big brother Colt ( our German Sheppard ) who turned 2 years old this week. They are great buddies and keep us entertained playing and chasing each other around the house and yard. Jessie loves everybody and is very much the snuggler!


Hi Carol. Just wanted to thank you again for introducing Lil and I to this beautiful little pup!! We are showering her with love and affection and she is comfy and happy in her new home. She did very well on the long ride back to Crestview and curled up on Lil's lap most of the way. We decided to rename her Tampa, and she responds well to that. We took her to our Vet and introduced her to everyone got and her general check up done. The Vet said her health was outstanding and believed that she was more like 3 or 4 years old. And we took her to see Santa already She steals everyone's heart she meets and most of all, stole ours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tampa's "fur"-ever home with Mike and Lil.


Trixie here wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving! I can' thank you all enough for finding me my forever home. This picture shows me in my favorite chair. My and Dad and I race to see who can sit down first. Since I'm so quick I usually win. I have seen so many new things. I get to sit on the dock and watch the fish, turtles & birds go by. I have adjusted well to my new home. My Mom & Dad continually spoil me. We go on walks, take rides in the golf cart, play ball and box (with my paws). Come Spring, I will get to meet my 6 cousins but I understand that the weather up North may be cold (brrr). I wish you all well. Say hi to Roxie for me!


FCSR Alumni Update on Dallas AKA Cody Bee, Hi Carol and to all fosters and sponsors and especially to my friends looking for their forever home. This is a picture of me looking in my toy basket to see which toy I want to play with. As you can see by the toys on the floor I have not found the one I want yet. This is a new bed my Aunt Bobbie made for me. My mom found doggie print material and my Aunt Bobbie made it for me. My Aunt made a second one for me too so now I have 3 beds and also 2 pillows. My mom says I am spoiled whatever that means. I just love it. My favorite toy that squeaks is right next to me. Mom says this is the only ball I can have. I am famous for popping balls in seconds. Mom even bought a soccer ball and that went poof in about 5 seconds. Then she bought a basketball and I popped that one too in seconds. This green ball does not bounce but I can play with it in the house or outside and I can't bite into it. The furry ball in the above picture is my favorite because mom can throw it in the house and it squeaks. Hope everyone has HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Dallas and Mom


Just a snap of Coop with two buds at our beautiful Marco Island dog park yesterday. They wouldn't hold still for a "photo shoot" as having too much fun! He has been a challenge but came to the right home. We love him dearly and he has the best of everything. He loves and plays with his cat brother, loves all people and dogs. He is happy! All medical issues resolved and we are happy to celebrate our one year anniversary with him tomorrow. Thanks again for all you do and we will be mailing a donation in honor of this special day!


Carol, Is he spoiled or what. Copper is now Logan and he knows his name quite well. He & Tyler have bonded so well. Thanks again. Was meant to be. Jim & Garry.


FCSR Alumni Sammie Tri checking in. He is such a handsome boy and really looks proud of his new home! We hear he is pretty much the perfect boy.

Buddy Minion

Snickers "Buddy" Slocum, Mom and sister Daisy.


Carol, here is a picture of Quincy hanging out with his new brothers FCSR alumni Charlie (aka Charlie Brandon) and Rascal. Quincy really loves barking at the lizards outside and stealing Steve's side of the bed. Trudy & Steve

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