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Excerpts from actual emails sent in to us!

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Hi Carol. Just wanted to thank you again for introducing Lil and I to this beautiful little pup!! We are showering her with love and affection and she is comfy and happy in her new home. She did very well on the long ride back to Crestview and curled up on Lil's lap most of the way. We decided to rename her Tampa, and she responds well to that. We took her to our Vet and introduced her to everyone got and her general check up done. The Vet said her health was outstanding and believed that she was more like 3 or 4 years old. And we took her to see Santa already She steals everyone's heart she meets and most of all, stole ours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Tampa's "fur"-ever home with Mike and Lil.


Trixie here wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving! I can' thank you all enough for finding me my forever home. This picture shows me in my favorite chair. My and Dad and I race to see who can sit down first. Since I'm so quick I usually win. I have seen so many new things. I get to sit on the dock and watch the fish, turtles & birds go by. I have adjusted well to my new home. My Mom & Dad continually spoil me. We go on walks, take rides in the golf cart, play ball and box (with my paws). Come Spring, I will get to meet my 6 cousins but I understand that the weather up North may be cold (brrr). I wish you all well. Say hi to Roxie for me!


FCSR Alumni Update on Dallas AKA Cody Bee, Hi Carol and to all fosters and sponsors and especially to my friends looking for their forever home. This is a picture of me looking in my toy basket to see which toy I want to play with. As you can see by the toys on the floor I have not found the one I want yet. This is a new bed my Aunt Bobbie made for me. My mom found doggie print material and my Aunt Bobbie made it for me. My Aunt made a second one for me too so now I have 3 beds and also 2 pillows. My mom says I am spoiled whatever that means. I just love it. My favorite toy that squeaks is right next to me. Mom says this is the only ball I can have. I am famous for popping balls in seconds. Mom even bought a soccer ball and that went poof in about 5 seconds. Then she bought a basketball and I popped that one too in seconds. This green ball does not bounce but I can play with it in the house or outside and I can't bite into it. The furry ball in the above picture is my favorite because mom can throw it in the house and it squeaks. Hope everyone has HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Dallas and Mom


Just a snap of Coop with two buds at our beautiful Marco Island dog park yesterday. They wouldn't hold still for a "photo shoot" as having too much fun! He has been a challenge but came to the right home. We love him dearly and he has the best of everything. He loves and plays with his cat brother, loves all people and dogs. He is happy! All medical issues resolved and we are happy to celebrate our one year anniversary with him tomorrow. Thanks again for all you do and we will be mailing a donation in honor of this special day!


Carol, Is he spoiled or what. Copper is now Logan and he knows his name quite well. He & Tyler have bonded so well. Thanks again. Was meant to be. Jim & Garry.


FCSR Alumni Sammie Tri checking in. He is such a handsome boy and really looks proud of his new home! We hear he is pretty much the perfect boy.

Buddy Minion

Snickers "Buddy" Slocum, Mom and sister Daisy.


Carol, here is a picture of Quincy hanging out with his new brothers FCSR alumni Charlie (aka Charlie Brandon) and Rascal. Quincy really loves barking at the lizards outside and stealing Steve's side of the bed. Trudy & Steve


Maxwell and Lucy

Hi Ms. Carol: We love each other and are getting along just fine. Thanks for bringing us together. Derieth


Hello Carol and Karena,

I wanted to send you some updated photos and information on how Redford is doing.

Since we have had Redford now for almost 3 months, he is thriving in his new home in NY. He quickly adjusted to the snow and winter weather, but I am sure he will be looking forward to spring and summer real soon! Redford has been a very quick learner. Within one week, he learned to how to shake a paw, give kisses, and speak. Currently we are still working on "stay" and "come" for commands, as we live in the country, and there are a lot of curious and interesting smells. Redford is still learning to adapt to strangers and/or new people and dogs that he meets. All in all, he is spoiled rotten! He has a bed in about every room of the house, endless amounts of toys, and loves his treats and bones. We love his snuggling and affection! So far, he has brought so much joy to our house and to those who meet him.

These are some updated pictures of him and his new life in NY.

Hope everyone is doing well at the FCSR:-)

Thank you,


Carol, remember Zeke whom we adopted in December 2012? He recently graduated, along with my daughter, with an Associate Degree in Medical Arts.


Hi Carol Wanted to touch base about how things are going with Emma (Peppa). We've been doing several things to socialize her. We've taken her to training so that we can be trained to train her : - ) She is quick to pick things up. After finally getting cleared by the vet, she was able to go to Day Care and we were told she ran a lot! She also passed grooming with flying colors. Last night she fell asleep on my chest as we were watching tv. I would guess it isn't always easy for you and your helpers as many pups come to you with challenges. I'm sure there is a fair share of heartbreak. I would also guess there is often fear as you let them go as the want is to have each one to go to a better than good home. I also wanted to share that many years ago, when we adopted Max and Maggie, I wrote a note for your website. After we lost both of them last year, I searched and found it. It meant so much to read it and to realize that their personalities stayed true to form through all those years. It was difficult to loose them. Thank you for allowing us to adopt them. Thank you for bringing our new love, Emma, into our lives. Dennis & Mary


Carol, I am so happy to be with my new family now for 18 months. That means I am 3 years old now. My birthday is Feb. 1st which is just 1 day before my mom's birthday. I love going for rides in the car. I just spent 6 weeks with my Uncle and Aunt and they have a black 6 year old female cocker. We had lots of fun playing together, chasing lizards and snuggling together. My mom had a family emergency but she called and checked on me all the time. My Aunt sent pictures of me to mom so she could see how I was doing. It was so much fun. Sometimes we visit with each other because we live near each other. I am still going to school and love it. I have learned to sit, down, stand, jump over a hurdle and jump thru a hoola hoop. I am still having a little trouble with weaving in and out of poles but snacks help me achieve that. I love my squeaky toys and especially my little furry squeaky balls. I wear a light on my collar at night so mom can see exactly where I am when I am outdoors. I am still trying not to pull mom on a leash. I am about ready to try a third type of leash. But my mom discovered yesterday that if I walk between her and a long wall at the mall I walk right beside her. So we will try this for a while. Mom puts my special pills in peanut butter and freezes them. She calls them my peanut butter cookies. I get 4 each night. They are messy to make but so good frozen. Puts between wax paper in Tupperware and I gobble right down. Thank you for finding me such a wonderful mom and home. My prayers every night (yes mom is teaching me to cross my paws to pray) is every one of you will find a loving home soon. Love, Dallas


Hello, My husband and I adopted Fozzie (formerly known as Baxter) in July, and our sweet boy is thriving! His favorite activities include running (he's gone up to 6 miles!) and kayaking! Love, Simone and Derek Goodfriend


Hi Carol, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Duchess is doing splendidly. She quickly established her place as the queen of the roost. She is very protective of her new home and makes sure that everyone knows it by barking at every sound she hears. I thought you might enjoy seeing some pics. The 1st is of her beauty napping on the bed in the living room. At night she starts out under the bed (was she crated as a puppy?) and then winds up on the bed at some point for the rest of the night until she gets up with her daddy around 3:30 to 4:00 am. Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Kristin Herbeck


Our sweet boy Calypso...he's a match made in heaven for our family. Who can say no to that face?! Thanks FCSR smile emoticon

Zecchino, Angel and Anabel

Hi Carol, Just wanted you to know how happy we are! We have a wonderful loving home and a great Mom. She loves us so much and has taught us a lot. We like to think of ourselves as The Three Musketeers as we are always together tackling one adventure after another. We keep our hair short in the summer so we can run and play at the beach, chase birds and splash in the surf. We have come a long way -- life is good! Thank you for helping us find each other. Zecchino, Angel and Anabel


Katie (aka Evelyn), enjoying her new home. We love her sooo much! Big sister, Liberty (cocker spaniel) and younger brother, Scout (goldendoodle), absolutely adore her sweetness!


I am so happy! He looks so good. He obviously loves his new family!!! We miss him! Lisa On Sep 3, 2015 9:45 PM, "Karena Loudin" wrote: > Charlie Parti Update: it's been 2 months and Charlie is doing fantastic! > He is such a sweet old boy. Cooper (FCSR alumni Todd) and Jackson adore > him. He loves to cuddle in bed and gives kisses to us and his brothers. He > is a perfect fit for our family- thank you FCSR!! Elizabeth Kent

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