In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.

Beaw Parti

Beaw Parti DOB 2004 black and white cocker boy. His mom left him at a shelter when
she had to go into the hospital. He is a sweet yo, who is very gentle and loving. He
does have some arthritis in his back leg but some pain meds and glucosamine work
wonders. He loves attention and just wants to be around people. He gets along great
with other dogs. His fur feels like a fleece blanket, so soft. To see more pictures
of Beaw Parti, copy and paste the following link:


Blondie (now Skittles) DOB 2007 red and white cocker girl with a full tail. Life has
been rough for Blondie. She was extremely matted and had to be knocked out to get
trimmed. She is blind in both eyes, but does get around very well. She is extremely
friendly and just wants to be loved. She is good with other dogs. She was very thin
when she came to FCSR and only weighed about 12 lbs, but her foster mom helped with
that and she is looking good now. To see more pictures of Skittles, copy and paste
the following link:

Buddy Charles

Date of Birth DOB 2005, blonde male, easy going, sweet


Carly's estimated birthday is 2011. HI all my name is Carly!. Yes like the singer. She is my favorite. I came to my foster home with a HUGE tumor on my tummy. I had surgery to take it off and I feel so much better now. I heard them saying that i did not have any cancer show up in what they called a biospy of the tumor the removed. All I know is I feel sooooo much better. I still do need drops in my eyes 2 times a day and sometimes I have a hard time seeing. But don't worry I know everything that is going on around me. You can't sneak anything past me! My foster mom and sister gave me a couple of really soft comfy beds and I like to be close to my foster mom at night so I sleep right next to her on the rug in her room. I like to go for walks with my doggie friend in my foster home. I am a little slower then she is but I still do OK. I LOVE to be petted but please don't yell around me it really scares me. I do pretty well using a doggie door and I hate to have accidents in the house. In fact I only ever had one when I first got here and I was feeling bad and really confused. I REALLY want a forever home now. I love my foster home but I know they need to help another doggie just like me when I find my home. I hope it doesn't take too long.

Charlie Baby

Charlie Baby ~ DOB 2006 buff cocker boy with a white spot on his chest. Charlie's
owner moved and could not take him along, so he came to FCSR. He is a sweet boy who
gets along with everyone. He is well behaved and likes other dogs. Walks good on a
leash. He is house trained. He is just a great boy and cute too. He loves to be
outside and he will also listen to you when you tell him to sit, give you five, or
lay down. To see more pictures of Charlie Baby, copy and paste the following link:

Charlie Inverness

Hello there! My name is Charlie (Inverness). I am about 8 years old. I used to live in Inverness with my human mom, but she got sick and my human sister could not take me in because she is in the military and travels too much. The kind humans at FCSR set me up in an awesome place in Miami, where I can go to the park and chase tennis balls (my fav). My foster mom is super impressed with how good I am with other dogs (he's submissive), visitors, and kids. I'm happy as long as I have buddies around. I do not bark or get anxiety when left alone though. Despite all the changes in my life, I have not had one single potty accident. My foster mom says she wishes her dogs were trained as well as me! My favorite thing to do is lay on the couch with my human. It's the best. I've been working on losing weight, and I can finally jump up to the couch all by myself! When I came to FCSR, I was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, which may or may not require medication. My vet is thinking it over. I also like to get baths weekly so my skin doesn't get itchy and flaky -- they tell me it's a Cocker thing! Anyhow, if you've got some room on your couch and a spare bone (Hartz chew n' clean bacon to be exact), maybe you're the humans for me!


Doug ~DOB 2006 red cocker. Very quiet and easy going nature. He is a well behaved
large cocker boy with a beautiful lush hair coat. He has a single cataract in one
eye and sighted in other eye. He would be a wonderful companion


This dog has been adopted! Freckles DOB 2003 buff and white cocker girl. Her elderly mother was no longer able to take care of her and wanted a better life for her. She is vision impaired but can see. She is friendly and good with other dogs. Her tail wags non-stop. She loves to go for car rides. She walks well on a leash. She is house broken. She is very sweet and cute too. Just little love bug!


Graham DOB 2004 chocolate and tan cocker boy. He was turned in with Jessie, but
they are not bonded. Their mom had to give them up because they were not getting
along with the new baby. Graham is very sweet, kind, and alittle shy. He is house
broken and completely trained. He gets along great with other dogs and has a very
soft coat. To see more pictures of Graham, copy and paste the following link:


Honey ~ DOB 2008 buff and white cocker girl. Honey is VERY timid and is looking for
a patient owner and a quiet. If loose she will bolt until she gets to know you
really well. She is friendly and good with other dogs, just very skittish. She is
looking for a stay at home mom with a secure fenced in yard. She has escaped from 2
different foster homes so now only lives with the 1 person that she trusts.


Jessie DOB 2004 light buff cocker boy. He was turned in with Graham, but they are not bonded. Their mom had to give them up because they were not getting along with the new baby. Jessie is very sweet, outgoing and loves attention. He is house broken and completely trained. He gets along great with other dogs and has a very soft coat. To see more pictures of Jessie, copy and paste the following link:


Lady DOB 2008 buff cocker girl. Lady's parents could no longer afford to take care
of her ears, therefore they turned her over to FCSR. Her ears are extremely bad and
after a couple months of medicine she will need to have ear ablation surgery in both
ears. Once that is complete Lady will be deaf, but no more ear issues. Lady is
currently looking for foster home in the Tampa area until her ear surgery is
complete, then she will be available for adoption.


Lucie DOB 2012 buff cocker girl. She is very friendly and loves attention. Loves to
run, chase squirrels, and hunt. Lucie was surrendered because she kept running away.
She goes over a chain link fence and digs out of a solid wooden fence. Lucie needs a
home that has a very securely fenced yard with someone to give her time and
attention. She is great with all people, other dogs and cats too. To see more
pictures of Lucie cut and paste the following link:

Maggie Blue

Hi, My name is Maggie Blue. I am a sweet little girl and my ~ DOB is 2011. I am a
blue roan cocker doxy mix. My mom rescued me from a really bad place but then could
not keep me. I am a little shy but not in a mean way. I am OK after I get to know
you and would much rather stay snuggled inside next to you on the couch then go out.
In fact my foster mom says they are really going to have to work with me on being OK
with being outside. I don't like loud noises, they are very scary and I will
probably want to hide in my crate where I feel safe. I do like being around other
dogs once I get to know them. I will let you brush my teeth and give me a bath
without a problem. I am good for the vet and groomer but it really makes me nervous
to get in a car right now and I may get a little car sick. dogs. I don't know how to
play but I am open to trying to learn. It looks like it could be OK. My foster mom
and dad really like me and think I will be a good dog for a quiet home. To see more
pictures of Maggie Bear, copy and paste the following link:

Mr. Biscuit

Mr. Biscuit came to FCSR with some behavior issues. He is a 5 yr old Maltese Mix. Over the time he was in his foster home it became evident that he was secure there and it would not be appropriate for him to be placed for adoption. We always feel lucky when we can help dogs other then cocker spaniels have a great life.


HI guys! Ozzie, here, I have been hanging out with my foster mom while I wait for my furever family. They say my birth year is somewhere between 2003-2004. But does age really matter, when it comes to love? My foster mom has a lot of great things to say about me. She tells me that I am a very sweet boy. I do get a little nervous with sudden movements so you have to be a little cautious, but I’m getting better. I have a true wiggle butt. When my foster mom gets home from work, I get really excited and smile really big. I love it when we go out for our walks. She says you would never guess that I am an older man because I have so much bouncy energy; she has to jog to keep up with me, hehe. I am great on a leash and house trained too. I am a pretty smart guy, I know the sit and shake commands; but we haven't tested any others yet. I am getting more comfortable with riding in the car and starting to enjoy going to the park. Last week, I went to the groomer and charmed her; she just fell in love with me. I really don’t seem interested in playing with toys, I am just happy with a soft bed and plenty of belly rubs. I get along well with cats, dogs, kids and adults. I will chase cats if they are not the family cats. I have a deep bark and a howl on the rare occasion. My foster mom says I am such a pleasure to be around. I just get so excited to be loved and part of a family. Can you open your home & heart to me?

Princess Buff

Look at me between the handsome boys!Princess ~DOB 2005 Buff cocker girl who is scared of new people but very sweet. Princess is looking for an adult quiet home with someone to work with her and help her get over her fears. She gets along great with other


Princessa DOB 2003, is looking for her forever home! She has had both eyes removed due to advanced Glaucoma. A sweet girl who needs a place to be comfy and spoiled. An Old Dog lovers dream dog. To see more pictures of Princessa copy and paste the following link:


Rocky ~ DOB 2012 buff cocker boy. His family turned him into animal control. He
was scared and very timid while in the shelter. He is doing great since joining
FCSR and is running and playing with the other dogs. He is friendly and looking
just to be loved. He loves to go for car rides and walks.


Rufus DOB 2004 chocolate cocker boy with a tan spot on his tail. Rufus (AKA
Harvey's Chocolate Truffles) loves to play catch with his favorite ball. When you
give him a cardboard box he loves to tear it into pieces. He likes to wear his hair
short but when it does grow out it is very soft and silky. He likes to sleep at
your feet and always touches you. He came to FCSR when his owner got sick and could
no longer take care of him.

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