In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.

Sammy and Sadie

Hi Carol and Nancy, Attached is a picture of my husband with Sammy and Sadie while we were on vacation. We adopted the black dog, Sadie, from you in 2002. Thanks again for all that you do. Karen Peterson13930 Lamont DrOrlando, FL 32832

Christmas Photo Penny & Jewell

Hi Carol, Here's a Christmas photo of Penny and Jewell wailing for Santa. Steve and KathyTremblay

Yogi Hi Carol, I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful Yogi. He is just the sweetest thing, and he has made the best addition to our family. He has been so good that we knew we could trust him right away to have full roam of the house without having a problem. He loves sleeping under our desk while we work on the computer, and he has become one of the more popular regulars at our dog park.
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Bernie & Webster Dear Carol, Just wanted to give you a holiday update. The "boys" are still doing very well. Both Bernie and Webster are a joy. Everyone asks us how they get along, since they both were blind when we adopted them. As you can see from the pics, they know where the bed is, the futon is, where mommy and daddy are, where the food bowl is, and where the back door is. It also never deters them from wanting a good long walk! They are truly a joy, and we can never thank you enough!
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Dear Carol, Well, Wally has been part of the DeLozier family for a week now and we all seem to be making the transition beautifully. Wally is such a sweet boy – but he was a bit freaked out by a jack-o-lantern pumpkin which he had not noticed on one of our previous walks around the block... (I told him he was OK, and the pumpkin would leave him alone, but these dogs have their own ideas...) My neighborhood is big on outdoor Christmas décor, so Wally and I will undoubtedly make lots of trips around the block to inspect the changing landscape in the coming weeks. Our cat, Simba, and Wally have blended well and, like brother and sisters do, they squabble over who gets possession of my lap when I am trying to read the paper. Heaven forbid I sit by myself! The photo attached was taken the day after Wally came to live with us – and you can tell he and cat are already not bothered by one another. Thank you for all you do for all of the animals, and especially for helping Wally become part of our family. Take care- Kathy DeLozier


Molly Hi Carol, here are a couple of picture of Molly. She is a very happy girl
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Penny Well, Carol, Penny has learned to do everything in her power to make sure she's the center of attention and I've learned little tricks to ensure that Jake maintains his status.
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Dylan Dear Carol, It has been six months since Dylan (formerly Deno) came to his forever home. He is absolutely thriving.
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Darcy Hello Carol, We are so happy with Darcy! Enclosed are some cute photos of her. I want to get a digital camera soon so we can take more
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Zelda, formerly Lucy

I’ve attached 2 pics, one of her and Tipper playing and one of her and my son. Take care, and keep up the good work, Best regards, Patty Handler

Madison Words cannot describe what she has added to our lives. She gets along wonderfully with our other dog "Chompers" and with our cat "Wyatt".
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Bailey Carol, Sorry it's taken so long, but I am finally sending you some pictures of Bailey (formerly Peekaboo), the cockapoo we adopted from you in June. she is doing very well now and we love her to pieces.
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Hi, Wanted to thank you, once again, for your time. And wanted to share some pics of "Opie". He loves his new home, as a matter of fact would rather not go for walks as he is worried that we will never return! He's been on a family vacation to North Carolina and even spent a week alone with "Grandma"! Elizabeth Taylor McMahon

Casey We are the people who adopted “Caesar” about 3 months ago. (His name is now Casey)
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Hunter Hello Carol- Its hard to believe its been 1 year today that Dan & I adopted Hunter (didn't change name) from you. He has been such a blessing and a wonderful companion to us.
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Apache (formerly Mickey) Dear Carol, I just wanted to let you know how Apache (formally Mickey) is doing and send a couple of pictures.He is GREAT with children and people. I am so lucky to have him.
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Allie (Formerly Cha Cha) She is wonderful and a very happy little girl. We did find out she is allergic to wheat and grass pollens.
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Tanner and Abbey I must say..we are so glad Tanner is a part of our family
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Dreyfuss he is with us he is our best BUD!
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