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Hi Carol, Just wanted to thank you and your organization for all the fine work that you do. I adopted Nelson in the spring of 2003 and have since relocated back to Long Island in NY.. Couldn't resist sending an update and tell you how much Nelson's adoption changed my life..he's my best bud.. This is Nelson on the patio just last month..we're both lovin' life! Sincerely, Karen Rohl Kelly


Hello! Bill and I thought you would enjoy a couple of pictures of one of your foster children in his new life! We renamed "Mr Barky von Schnauzer" to "Sparky" and as you can see little Sparky has gained some weight! He is pictured with our other dog, Chester. Everyone says they look like salt and pepper together. The two dogs have really bonded and I think Chester would be lost without him. We are still working on improving Sparky's relationship with our two cats but we are definitely glad he is a part of our family. Thanks for what you do as foster parents! Jennifer and Bill Croteau Dade City, FL


Here is a picture of Holly (previously known as Hope) as promised for you and Rob. I will keep you posted. Lori --- Lori Heffner


Carol: Just wanted to send you a picture of Molly who I adopted a year ago from an emergency listing you had for her. She looks A LOT like Brewster, if I had to guess they are related. She is very easy going and a big girl...getting smaller but will always be a burly curly girl. Enjoy!Cathy


Teddy is one of the sweetest dogs, I want to thank Jane and Florida Cocker for letting me adopt him. He is a great addition to our family, whatever we eat he wants some also and he loves to go for walks. Here are a few of our many pictures of Teddy.


I wanted to send you a few new pictures of Harley. He's doing so well, we love him like crazy. He runs around here like a puppy, it's so cute!!! I hope all is well with you and yours Chris


Dear Carol and Rescue Group, Attached is Daisy's (aka Dolly) picture in her new home. She's got more energy that we remembered pups having but a good girl. Our vet thinks she's about 1.5 years and very sound. Also, very long. This is the first doxie we've had that has great potential for back issues but we know what to do and what to avoid. We have sung your praises for caring for dogs that can be 'recycled'. Thank you for your efforts. You've saved a sweet dog and we're delighted she's part of our home. Even her older sister Sophee is getting adjusted. There has even been some dog play and that's a good sign. Again, thanks for caring for these animals. What you do makes an incredible difference in the life of animals and owners. Check out the little smile on Daisy's face in the sleeping photo. I think she's glad to be here. Patt Patt Reed, APR813-908-8511 (home)813-389-0430 (cell)

Mylo and Beni

A week ago, we went to Petsmart @Wesley Chapel with the hopes of adopting a new pet. Little did we know that we would end up with two !! We could not decide, and so Mylo & Benito (now Beni) came home with us. They get along great, & have taken to sleeping in our room in their bed. (I know they'd love to sleep with us, but our bed is just too high for the little guys). They come running when you call "boys" and are adjusting well to their surroundings. (as you can see by the picture of them on our loveseat - fast asleep !!) We are so so happy we found your organization & tell everyone we meet where these two wonderful little boys came from. Again, thanks for our two new additions, Tony & Fran Viscomi


Hi Carol, It's been close to a year since I was adopted (I was adopted on July 27, 2008). I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful year I've had and how happy I am in my forever home! Since being adopted, my mommy and I have attended basic obedience school. I did so well at basic, that mommy enrolled me in advanced obedience training where I earned my canine good citizen (CGC) award! Mommy likes to brag and tell people that I have my Bachelor's degree! I love my home. I have lots and lots of toys, have my own bed, get to go on lots of walks and ride in the car, and have discovered that I love ice cubes as treats! Yummy! Let's just say I have my mommy wrapped around my paw-she just loves me! Thank you so much for finding me a great home! :) Love, Tobie Garbers


Attached are pictures of Boomer in his new home with his new dog family. He is wonderful and we already love him to pieces. Thankyou for saving this great dog! I will send new pictures when he is fattened up and over his mange.Leslie Drewry

Buster and Rufus

Hi Carol! Just wanted to let you know Buster and Rufus are doing great and play well with eachother. Here is a picture of them together for your site. Thanks again for getting me another great dog! David


Hi Carol, We wanted to let you know that Treasure is now known as Ellie Mae. I have attached a pic we took yesterday in the back yard. She seems to be happy and content and is answering to her new name (most of the time). :-) She also did eat dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Guess she was hungry from all the excitement! Thank you so much for taking care of her until she could find her forever home with us. She is helping us to heal our hearts from our loss of Winnie. All of the folks at your rescue have been wonderful to us - especially Sharon. We will keep in touch and keep you up to date on Ellie. If you ever wonder how she is doing please do not hesitate to call oremail us. Thanks again, Dotty, Joe and Ellie p.s. When we were at Petco this morning (with Ellie of course) a couple asked about Ellie and I gave them one of your cards. I neglected to ask for their name, but if someone says they saw one of your dogs at Petco on Hudson - it was us!


Hello: I adopted Daisy from Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue the summer of 2004 after my first wonderful cocker spaniel Barney died. Daisy was a little over a year old at the time. She's now 6 years old and still full of fun, love and playful spirit. Her beagle brother Bandit died almost two years ago (summer 2007) and I adopted another beagle named Buddy. Daisy and Buddy are now constant companions, though she definitely rules even though he's 3 years older and about 10 pounds heavier than she is. Daisy loves getting belly rubs and taking long walks in our new neighborhood. We moved to Hudson in Pasco county last summer (2008). She has great fun stalking the squirrels and lizards in our big backyard. Daisy and Buddy are heard "singing" daily. They love to welcome me home with a "song"! :) I've attached a few photos; two are of just Daisy and two are of Daisy and Buddy. Daisy is a wonderful dog and I am so grateful that I was able to adopt her thanks to Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue. She makes every day a happy one! Sincerely, Jennifer Kruck


Hi Carol, We have had Buddy only 3 days and feel he has rescued us instead of the other way around. He is such a good dog who loves to follow us everywhere. We sure are lucky to receive such love and affection. He enjoys his daily walks as well as his golf cart rides. All the neighbors have fallen in love with him. The vet mentioned to us this afternoon that we lucked out with Buddy. We certainly know it and feel like he has always been part of our family. Thanks Renee for being such a great foster mom.

Missy and Maggie

Hi Carol, Sorry for the delay in sending this message. I cannot tell you how much I admire you for what you are doing for these beautiful pets. Maggie is such a sweet and loving girl. She loves human (especially female) contact. I actually call her my rub "slut" (hope this doesn't offend anyone out there). She's loves her squeaky toys, has bonded well with her new sister Missy, and plays well with other dogs as well. Maggie was retested for heartworm 6 months after her treatment and we were thrilled the test was negative. Again, Carol we thank God for you and the gift of Maggie. We'll see you when it's time for our next family addition. Respectfully, Roland & Shirley Bouvier Pictures are Missy and Maggie respectfully.


Hi Carol, Daisy is such a joy and we are so happy we found her!

Lady and Pepper Carol Here's a picture that I had taken by a photographer this weekend. Great picture. Pepper's so black it's hard to see her eyes.
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Monty Kibbles

Hopefully you will include this in your success stories! I have to tell you my little sweetheart continues to surprise me and earn more cells in my - he's stolen my heart near completely! This little "senior" guy you talked me into taking nearly a year ago has taken small steps to owning my heart and last night was a HUGE leap! He has always wanted to be close to me and is indeed my shadow but last night (after a full grooming, nail clipping, and massage) he slept in my arms for the first time! This precious little guy is the sweetest little guy (after Maxwell of course) I have ever had the good fortune to know! I don't know why someone kicked this little doll to the curb but they were incredibly stooooopid! Three months on Glucosamine and eye meds for about a month and he's clear on all fronts. He's healthy, obviously happy as a clam, verrry well behaved, and loved! Thanks for this little darling! My sweet little boy. Nothing says I love you like flowers! Find a florist near you now


Hi Carol I wanted to update you on Kara... As of January 11th 2009 we have had Kara living and loving with us for 6 years now....It's so hard to think back to life without her..... Kara has brought so much into our lives..... She is very spoiled and most of all very happy and loving life....She is the Princess and she lets us know it... Kara has us trained well....And we would have it no other way... Since we have moved to DeLand and Kara has her own privacy fenced in backyard.... She has made friends with the neighbors dogs... The neighbors have a Cocker and a Rottie....They love running up and done the fence and getting lot of exercise.....Our neighbors love it as well because their dogs are over weight but they love their dogs like we love our Kara...They arrant dogs they are our kids..... Kara just had her yearly check up and got a clean bill of heath... Kara's vet said she was in perfect health.... Its so hard to believe that when you got Kara she was heart worm positive and you saw to it that her little life was saved and we were the blessed ones to adopt her.... Carol thank you so much for answering the add when I put it out there on the Internet that we were looking for a cocker/cocker mix..... Thank you again for all you do.. Paul, Sandie & Kara Adams DeLand, Florida

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