In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.


I adopted Brock on in September of this year from this wonderful organization. I had a Cocker that passed away in July and was devastated until I looked on this site and saw a picture of Brock. I knew he was the one for me. He is a sweetie and loves to cuddle and much as he loves to go on walks. He is such a happy dog and he is very loved. This is his Forever Home for sure! Regina Callahan



Here is a picture of Maddox relaxing in the garden at his forever home. He is doing just great. Maddox is so sweet and such a good boy. He has been perfect with his potty training too! Thank you at FCSR for all you do.


I adopted my cocker Daisy from Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue in July of 2004. She's 9 years old now and doing great! Amazingly, she's had only one ear infection so first cocker had constant ear infections. Daisy's still very playful and most people think she's much younger than 9. I'm so grateful that I was able to adopt her. Picture is Daisy at Honeymoon Island dog beach.


Jordan came to live with us at the end of July 2012 and he took ownership of our house. He is such a playful pup for a 3 yer old. Jordan loves people and other pups so much, he even loves the vet. Jordan makes coming home from work a wonderful end to our day. We are so please that Jordan picked us to be his parents. Doug and Cindy Wolcott


Hi! Krissie is fantastic. I'm sending a few pictures that I took this week. She has adjusted very well to her new home and in fact, is now running the place. She looks very serious in the pictures, but she is really such a character - often leaping around and being goofy. We have so much fun with her; she has come out of her shell and has quite the personality. A silly, silly girl (and what she won't do for food or treats). I guess she has trained us well. Anyway, she is great and we just love her so much:) She says hello and we all send you best wishes. Hope all is well. And again, thank you so much for helping her find the way into our lives. Andre


Karena and Carol Just to let you know - Suzy now weighs 28.5 lbs. The vet is very happy with her progress. Suzy has a much easier time getting into the car and up on the couch now! She has adopted the couch as her venue when I leave the house to go to work. She is calming down a lot and barks much less. I think she is really feeling comfortable here. Suzy is a very happy dog and takes her "guarding" duties very seriously. What a love! Thanks to you both. Sandy

Jazzy and Beau

Dear Carol, Thank you for your kind words and know that I do appreciate your assistance in bringing me my new kids. Here are the pictures I promissed you. 1- 008 First day on the job 2- 021 We have to get a new car as we no longer fit... am I in, I don't think I'm in, am I in? 3- 024 Amelia Fufu is really happy now. 4- 036 Bird what bird? 5- 037 All Happy Together 6- 039 Everything is all behind us now. Jeanni, Jeff, Amelia Fufu, Jazzy and Beau


Hi Aunt Carol, This is Ziggy, remember me?? Wanted to send you a picture of me and my Mom, Mary, hard at work!! I just get so excited every morning during the week when it's time to head off to work. I have the best job in the world - I work in a church office and everyone comes and greets me and gives me bones and treats. Oh my, you can't even imagine how exciting it is. I protect my Mommy too, from those UPS and FedEx people (ha)!! I still am a bit not too sure about everyone that comes in to pet and greet me, but mostly they think I'm a likeable guy! Do you know they even call me "the church dog," how about that!! You sure did a wonderful thing when you got me this home - it's the best ever! I have an older sister Purdie, whom I love and lots of kitty friends!! I just love them all!! I must admit when my new Mommy came to pick me up I wasn't too sure I wanted to leave you, as you took such care of me for many years (and for that I thank you so much!), but I sure am glad Mommy Mary was insistent on giving me a try - was the best thing in the world for me!! You'll have to come and visit me sometime, see my big back yard that I can run around in and all the cool toys I have and I even get to sleep with my Mommy at night!! Couldn't be better!! Thank you aunt Carol for taking such good care of me for so long - we just knew the right Mom would come along and she did!! Big kisses to all my buddies back at the rescue and it's my prayer that they will all get the same kind of forever homes!! Love and BIG slurpy kisses, Your buddy, Ziggy!!


Carol and Karena I just wanted to tell you both how much I love this funny Cocker Spaniel - Suzy! She has become the right dog at the right time. Suzy is doing very well. Each month she settles in more and more. She is barking less and less and getting along better with the neighborhood dogs. Not that I mind an alert watch dog. Suzy and Molly aren't exactly friends, but they know when to work together to get me to take them in the car! Their relationship is getting better. Suzy has lost weight. I will take her to the vet soon just to see how much she has lost. The mobile groomer came again last week. She was commenting that Suzy is a very happy dog. I think that is true. She is a constant companion when I am home. I love her sweet, funny personality and loving nature. It does my heart good!! Thank you both for everything you do to rescue these dogs who then rescue us! I will write something for your website soon. Hugs to you both! Sandy Sandy Badger


I adopted my beautiful Cocker Spaniel from Carol at the rescue. I have had her for 3yrs. We love her so very much. I can't imagine life without her (she is the boss at our house). Her name was Nina we changed it to Ziva and we call her Z. Jean Shuford


Carol, It will be four years this September that we picked up Beau. Its been a great four years. He is a very happy old boy. He is always ready to go for rides play with us or his sister Betty or just run in the yard and chase lizards. The strange thing about him is he can't swim. Of all the dogs I've had in the last sixty plus years he is the only one who could not swim, I guess that's why we have the child fence. He doesn't hear to well and his sight is going but he enjoys every day and feels well and gets around well. He is a joy. Take care and thanks again for Beau. Larry Baker


These were my two girls from you. Callie (Gypsy) on the right I adopted in 2004 when she was appr. 4 years old. Candi (left) I adopted in 2008 when she was appr. 1 year old. Candi had a history of abuse which you had documented and bringing her home with my Callie was probably the best thing that ever happened to her at that time. Except being saved by your organization. Candi was very timid and a little scared of everything which was (I assume) from her past treatment. Being with the (play all the time) Callie helped bring her to happier times. I had to have Callie euthanized last year (cancer in her lungs) but she did a great job of making Candi a happy dog girl. I check your site all the time and am considering getting a companion for Candi. Thanks for all you do with your "pack".


Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Krissie is doing fantastic! She has really settled in and is very loving and affectionate. We are enjoying her so much. She sleeps between us near the foot of the bed and in the morning is full of kisses and snuggles. She follows us everywhere and is very content to just hang out with us. She is not too fond of our daughters dog and will not play with him. She seems to really thrive on being an only child with lots of attention and love. She enjoys the large fenced yard but likes one of us to be within site. She is absolutely fascinated by my chickens but tries to chase them, so when I let them out in the yard, Krissie stays in the screen room. I'm sending a few pictures but I'm still trying to get some better ones. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy she is and how much we love her. She is a really nice girl. Happy Easter, Andre

Kara & Karmella

Hi Carol The girls wanted to wish y'all a Merry Christmas. Kara is really enjoying her new sister of one year . Kara and Karmella really love and play well together. Its hard to believe January 11th Kara will be with us for 9 years. She is so very special to us and again we can not thank you enough for allowing us to adopt her. She has brought so much love and happiness to us and I think she knows she is the ' Princess' and Karmella is a 'Princess' in training . They are the best . And when they sleep they have to be touching one another. And of course they sleep with us in bed every single night. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Paul & Sandie Kara & Karmella Adams



We just wanted to thank you again for matching us up with the most amazing, loving dog ever. Whisper has been apart of our family now for 3 years. She loves playing in the back yard with her sister, who is also a cocker spaniel they are in seperable. I wanted to share a picture of her, this is her sleeping on her favorite pillow pet. You guys have a fantastic organization, thank you for caring so much for these dogs and placing them with such good homes. Sincerely Missy Harding



Lucy, Jessie, Daisy

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