In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.


Crosby ~ DOB 2005 white and buff cocker boy. A nice boy who gets along great with other dogs and people. Looking for a home with no young kids. He loves carrots and green beans. He loves to chase lizards and watch birds. He is snuggly and affectionate. He likes sleeping at the foot of the bed, but when he gets hot he likes his doggie bed on the floor. He walks well on a leash and is house trained.


This dog has been adopted! Milo ~ DOB 2010 Springer Cocker mix boy. Milo is a beautiful black and white boy. He is looking for a patient owner. He is fearful at first but warms up quickly and is then a love. He is good with other dogs, but not young children. He is a scared boy who needs socialization and someone to trust. He is approximately 40 lbs. His owners dumped him at a kill shelter.


Dali ~ DOB 2003 buff cocker boy. His owner was no longer able to take care of him so he came to FCSR. He is a very sweet boy. He is deaf. He is quiet, walks well on a leash, gets along with everyone and other dogs, and is all trained. He is just looking for a quiet home and someone to hang out with for the rest of his life. He is very healthy and does not look or act his age.


Murdock ~ DOB 2007 multi color chocolate and white cocker boy. He is a cute boy who gets along great with other dogs. He has glaucoma in one eye and is blind in that eye, but see fine out of the other eye. He walks well on a leash and like going for car rides.


This dog has been adopted! Dewey ~ DOB 2009 tri color cocker mix boy. He gets along with other dogs, is house trained, loves to go for walks and loves attention. He is a young and playful boy.


Milton ~ DOB March 2014 black and grey terrier mix boy. Milton is adorable, but
alittle head shy. If you approach him straight on he won't let you touch his head,
but if you baby talk him or approach him from behind he is fine. If you ignore him,
he will eventually come over and nose your hand. He needs alittle socialization and
a caring person to work with him. He gets along great with both other dogs and


Mickey ~ DOB 2004 black cocker boy. Mickey originally came from a pet store. His owner could no longer keep him and was keeping him tied outside all day & night. A friend took him short term and taught him how to live in a house and a few tricks. He's a very sweet dog & is starving for affection. He is house trained, loves to go for car rides, & is trained to walk next of you on the right side when you go for walks. He will try stealing food if you leave it on a low counter or table! If he wants attention or needs to go outside he'll pant. He gets along with dogs & cats & even likes it when the cats rub up against him. The picture of him with the lady bug costume was taken this Halloween. He was very good wearing it.


This dog has been adopted! Emeril ~ DOB 2007 black cocker boy. Emeril came to FCSR as a very fuzzy wiggle butt. He looked like a baby black bear with a butt that would not stop. FCSR put him into a cute cocker cut and got the wart removed from his eye lid. He LOVES balls and will fetch as long as you will play with him. He LOVES WATER and the hose is his favorite. He is very sweet, good with other dogs and cats and is a very happy go lucky boy. To see more pictures of Emeril, copy and paste this Facebook link:


Chester DOB Nov. 1st, 2005 white and buff cocker boy. His owner can no longer handle him and must give him up. He is a very affectionate dog and he knows sit, stay, and no. He was house broken, but has had alittle trouble with that lately and may need some medicine. He is not good with kids, but loves adults. Once he figures out who the "boss" is in the household, that's who he clings to and will follow that person everywhere. He still loves to play catch and will actually toss you the ball or toy from his mouth. He loves walks. He has lived with a cat, whom he tolerates and has never been aggressive towards her except if she goes near his food while he's eating, or if he has a toy in his mouth. He definitely does not like to be left alone, will howl for a few minutes and even whine or bark.

Cooper II

Cooper ~DOB 2009 Multi Color Chocolate boy. Cooper is a very sweet dog. He is very playful, great with other dogs, loves to run and exercise with you. He is housebroken and a good boy.


Joey ~ DOB 2004 buff and white cocker boy. His owner moved out of the area and left him behind. He is a very sweet boy, who is friendly with all. He likes other dogs. Very active and healthy for his age. He is just looking for a furever loving home.


Grover ~ DOB 2007 hound mix boy. He is approximately 35 lbs and loves to run and
play. He is friendly with everyone and gets along well with other dogs. He would
make an awesome companion or great family dog.

Blue and Bella

Blue & Bella Bella ~ DOB Feb. 2013 Aussie/Collie mix. They are a bonded pair and must go together. Alittle shy at first. Loves people and other dogs. Just wants someone to love her and play with her. Blue ~ DOB 2012 black and white cocker boy. A beautiful boy with a great personality. He loves to play and his favorite thing to do is to fetch a ball. Plays well with other dogs, but does not like cats. He is a very happy and healthy boy.


Checkers ~DOB 2004 chocolate roan parti colored cocker boy. He is a special needs boy because he is vision impaired. He is a quiet sweetheart that loves everyone. Needs occasional eye drops, but otherwise healthy.


This dog has been adopted! Curlin ~ DOB 2006 chocolate male cocker. He enjoys being with people and is good with other dogs. He has cataracts and is mostly blind but does have some very limited vision. Curlin has a pleasant personality and just needs a furever home and someone to love. He does very well at finding his way around in a new environment and love to go for rides in the car. He does sometimes get some irritated eyes from allergies but they clear up really quickly with some medicated drops. He is doing well with not having accidents in the house as long as he can find the door and go in and out. He would probably do really good with a doggie door.


Doc (approx dob 2006) loves to chase squirrels up trees,sweet boy that loves to run, enjoys a yard.


Nitro ~ DOB 2008. He is a handsome boy who is very sweet and loves balls. He is great with people and other dogs


Babaloo ~DOB 2007 red boy who loves tennis balls and will not share with other dogs. He is a very active boy with lots of energy. He is good with all people.


Redmond ~DOB 2007 red boy with a cataract in 1 eye, but still sited. He is very sweet and friendly. He is quiet and gets along with everyone.


Chocolate and White parti Colored Male, Friendly and affectionate, has a full tail, DOB 2007

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