In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.
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Carol, I am so happy to be with my new family now for 18 months. That means I am 3 years old now. My birthday is Feb. 1st which is just 1 day before my mom's birthday. I love going for rides in the car. I just spent 6 weeks with my Uncle and Aunt and they have a black 6 year old female cocker. We had lots of fun playing together, chasing lizards and snuggling together. My mom had a family emergency but she called and checked on me all the time. My Aunt sent pictures of me to mom so she could see how I was doing. It was so much fun. Sometimes we visit with each other because we live near each other. I am still going to school and love it. I have learned to sit, down, stand, jump over a hurdle and jump thru a hoola hoop. I am still having a little trouble with weaving in and out of poles but snacks help me achieve that. I love my squeaky toys and especially my little furry squeaky balls. I wear a light on my collar at night so mom can see exactly where I am when I am outdoors. I am still trying not to pull mom on a leash. I am about ready to try a third type of leash. But my mom discovered yesterday that if I walk between her and a long wall at the mall I walk right beside her. So we will try this for a while. Mom puts my special pills in peanut butter and freezes them. She calls them my peanut butter cookies. I get 4 each night. They are messy to make but so good frozen. Puts between wax paper in Tupperware and I gobble right down. Thank you for finding me such a wonderful mom and home. My prayers every night (yes mom is teaching me to cross my paws to pray) is every one of you will find a loving home soon. Love, Dallas

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